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Best attic transformation ideas

Lofts don't get much love. Often stuffed with trash and things that have not seen daylight for more than 20 years, this is an area that is ripe for renewal. If you just moved there with one of the moving companies in Texas, then the attic is a great place to start. Clean your mess and you can turn it into a multi-purpose, beautiful space. Therefore, we have gathered some attic transformation ideas for you.

Here are our attic transformation ideas

Empty attic
Don't let it stay empty and useless

1. Escape to the peaceful living room with attic transformation ideas

Create the perfect place to relax in your home with extra living space in the attic. Although we all enjoy spending time in communication with family members or friends, time for self-recharging is very valuable. Keep things in a relaxed atmosphere with a classic sofa and an armchair in neutral colors. And buy a pair of super-cool accessories such as a pouffe and rug to make it your own.

2. Expose your brickwork

Leave one wall unpainted and strip the brickwork to create a stylish feature that looks especially cool in an attic with sloping ceilings. If your bricks are not in good condition, there are many wallpapers around you that will help you create the same look, so don’t think that you need to start removing plaster right away!

3. Exit to the balcony

The master bedroom can be transformed into a luxurious Juliet balcony with double doors, carefully designed around the wooden structure of the building. This is especially effective in the roof, where it can be difficult to install Velux windows or a roof window. And if you are moving to New Braunfels TX, then you can get a pretty good view from your balcony.

4. Turn a narrow attic into children's bedrooms

Usually, a loft turns into a master bathroom. But when dealing with narrow spaces, it may be more practical to turn your attic into one or two small children's bedrooms. The bunk can be wide enough for a small person to sleep comfortably, and below to have enough space for toys. Whereas this could be a difficult squeeze for adults. Then you can reconfigure downstairs to get a dream place for mom and dad.

5. Get your dream bathroom with attic transformation ideas

Usually, we have no chance of dreaming about big bathrooms, but perhaps your attic could change that. By devoting all your space to a spa vacation, you can truly enjoy features such as a walk-in shower and sink for two. Do not let the wooden beams interfere with the creation of the perfect shower enclosure in the attic. The use of a single sheet of glass without a frame, held by two smooth stainless steel rods, makes the room minimalistic and unobtrusive. Draining at floor level is also a great way to make sure you don't lose precious height in the shower. You will see that is one of the best attic transformation ideas.

6. Leave your attic open plan

Consider the space you have carefully. Sometimes it's best to leave the attic open plan to make up for where you cannot include large windows. It may also happen that you have a double-height room. This is a desirable look with a lot of appeal. And it is one of the easy low-cost decorating ideas.

7. Build in low-level storage

It’s sometimes difficult to understand what to do with the awkward low space between the slope of the roof and the floor. However, it can be used to excellence. A specially designed solution can include drawers for documents and baskets for occasionally used items such as printers.

8. Turn it into a teen's den

As we know, all teenagers like their own space, which they can share with friends away from the ears of their parents. That's why an attic can be the perfect teenage bedroom. That large space can contain a separate living room, a “walk-in closet” and a cool hanging chair that would maximize the ceiling height.
Roof window
Attic transformation ideas like this can help your teenager feel more comfortable

9. Add a quiet guest room as one of the best attic transformation ideas

It may not always make sense to put the master bedroom in the attic. Especially if you have very young children. So instead, why not turn it into a trendy guest space that you can bring back when the kids grow up. Grandparents or friends can be away from your little birds and enjoy a good night's sleep - even if you do not!

10. Make the most of any natural light

Do not let the seemingly awkward space intimidate you. Sympathetic-shaped walls let in as much light as possible through the dormer. Skylights go beyond the roof and create additional space. However, more work is required here, and they can be more expensive than Velux. You will need the right access through the attic staircase, which may require permission. But the extra cost and work can be worth it with the increased value of your home that it will bring. It’s a good idea to put the bath next to a natural light source and enjoy the view while you soak. Wood effect tiles imitating wood cladding create a rustic bathroom feel.

11. Do without stairs

If all you need is a little more storage space in a compact room, why not add a ladder to access the top floor. This is a great way to maximize the use of unused space without the need to build expensive stairs. This is also an amazing feature - who doesn’t like to have a small hole to hide in?

12. Turn a corner wall into a feature

Attic transformation ideas
We hope that our attic transformation ideas can help you with your project
Don't let awkward ceilings and tiny spaces push you away. It doesn’t matter if you draw a small panel or a whole room on paper, use color or pattern to create a unique look. The background color has a big impact on the overall feeling of the room. Choose deeper, more subdued colors in the bedroom for a relaxing feel or make them bright and bold for the perfect space to wake up.


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