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How to simplify your long distance relocation

Regardless of whether you are leaving to settle in another state, or moving to Texas from a faraway place, moving over long distances can be an exciting experience. Despite this, the process of moving, as you know, is quite complicated. And without proper planning and organization, nothing will be easy. To help you simplify your long distance relocation, we have shared some of our favorite tips for planning a successful and trouble-free move.
Making a plan to simplify your long distance relocation
Making a good plan is one of the most important steps

1. Early planning for easy move

The first advice we can give is probably the most important of them, and that is to plan in advance. If you start at least a couple of months early, you will have time to get together using an appropriate checklist and a carefully crafted calendar. In addition, you will have time to make an appointment with the best moving company you can find to help you with your moving strategy. You also want to carefully plan the days leading up to the actual move. To save time and money, coordinate your stay at the hotel, meals and even stops at the gas station as early as possible. If you need storage solutions anywhere during your trip, now is also the time to start exploring Texas storage units where you can store your items before, during, and after moving.

2. Hire a reputable moving company to simplify your long distance relocation

Speaking of relocation services, always do your homework before choosing a provider for your long-distance move. Qualified companies are licensed, insured, A+ rated by BBB and well known in your area. And with an active presence on the Internet and a large number of reviews from former customers. Certified long-distance movers can be extremely helpful when it comes to completing a smooth and successful move. The most respected companies are usually busy throughout the year. And it can be difficult to find openings at the last moment. Be sure to book the one you need in order not to miss out on qualified professional relocation services.

3. Take your time

One way to make any task more manageable is to prioritize the organization. Define a specific part of the house to serve as a place for packed and sealed boxes. As soon as they go there, they are closed and ready for the long-distance move. Choose the time of day when you can work on packing. And make an appointment with yourself to prevent procrastination.
Moving boxes
And therefore, greatly simplify your long distance relocation
Be careful when labeling boxes. Don't let the word “Miscellaneous” come out of your Sharpie. Be descriptive and include the following:
  • What room does it belong in?
  • Who does this belong to?
  • What is in it?
You may even want to color-code the boxes. This ensures that movers can easily and quickly distribute them in the right rooms. If you spend more time on preparations, you can achieve a much smoother transition upon arrival at your new home.

4. Do not miss an assessment at home

Any reputable relocation service will offer a free in-home price estimate to evaluate your relocation project. For example, at Evolution Moving, we use this first meeting as a chance to create a personalized moving strategy and schedule to suit your moving needs and budget. If your moving company does not offer this service, proceed with extreme caution. Unprofessional relocation companies are known for displaying low phone rates and surprise customers with unexpected fees on the day of the move.

5. Sell, donate or give away to simplify your long distance relocation

When it comes to long-distance moves, the less you take, the easier your move will be. Almost everyone has a house full of items that we store for no good reason. And letting them go can be incredibly useful. Simplify your long distance relocation by selling, donating, or giving away as many things as you can, and make your life easier.

6. Use the right packing materials

Another important tip for easy moving is to use proper packing materials to keep your things organized and free of damage. Some moving companies offer packing services New Braunfels that include packing materials, such as moving boxes, protective pads, and mattresses, as well as useful tips for their proper use. With the right boxes and protective packing materials, your items will be safe and secure for long trips to your new location.

7. Take care

Are there any items, documents, souvenirs, or family heirlooms that you especially care about packing and transporting? Gather them together, assemble them together and move them yourself. You will save yourself from anxiety. And if you need any of these items, you can easily find and lay hands on them when you arrive at your destination. So much easier than looking through a house full of boxes.

8. Pack the “First Night Box” to simplify your long distance relocation

When you arrive at your new home, even with careful planning, the look of all these moving boxes will be somewhat intimidating. This is where the "First Night Box" will be your salvation. A large box (or one for each member of the family) includes nightwear, a change of linen, shower accessories, a set of bedding, a sleeping toy or other essentials. For some of us, this is a coffee maker. For others, it is a picture in the frame with the inscription "Home". Everything you need to function and feel grounded in your new room should be included in the First Night Box. No matter how long you unpack, you can be sure of a clean body, clean jams, and a clean bed.
Spa towels
Put in your first night box anything you need to relax
Moving long distances is known for causing stress, but the right company involved in the move knows exactly what needs to be done to simplify your long distance relocation. With our moving professionals, you can be sure that your move will go as smoothly as possible.


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