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Cheapest Way to Move Out of State

Cheapest Way to Move Out of State

Moving out of state can prove a thrilling experience—you get to explore a new place, start over, and redefine yourself. But it's not all sunshine and roses, and loading up all your stuff and relocating to a new state can be intimidating, particularly concerning finances. In other words, the moving costs associated with interstate relocation can quickly mount, leaving you with the impression that your desire for a fresh start in a different state is beyond your grasp. However, worry not. There exist creative ways you can employ to save money as you relocate out of state, which we'll explore in this article. We'll also cover more long-distance moving tips and tricks to help you succeed in your upcoming move. That said, let's jump right into it.
cheapest way to move out of state

Moving Costs to Consider When Moving Out of State


Hiring long-distance movers is a significant expense to consider when looking to move to another state. For that reason, you're probably wondering about your options regarding moving your belongings to your new place out of state. And for this case, you might want to consider hiring out-of-state professional movers in your area. Expert movers will pack your stuff for you, deliver them safely to your new place, and even offer help to unload and unpack your items. Depending on the client service type, others will just provide moving services for your already packed belongings. In any case, there are less expensive alternatives to hiring expert movers or choosing a company offering full-service out-of-state relocation (from packing your items from your old house to unpacking them at your new home). Make sure to do your homework and check the previous client feedback of the moving company you choose. Remember to request a relocation price or estimate. Also, make sure the moving company you pick is one of, if not the best—ideally, one with nationwide coverage, unlike local movers.

Packing Supplies

You'll need packing materials to pack your items as you plan your move. This means you'll need to buy packing supplies such as tape, boxes, scissors, special crates, and sometimes shrink wrap. Fragile items like artwork, your television, and other appliances may also require special packaging to avoid breakage during transit. As such, packing supplies can rapidly add up, especially when you have a lot you can't leave behind or dispose of.


With your belongings in professional movers' hands, it's time to figure out how you'll get to your new place out of state. And for this case, driving may be the most cost-effective option, at least for most people.  If driving to the new state is the last thing on your wishlist, you may want to factor in the cost of moving both you and your car if you have one. This could prove costly as you may have to get a flight ticket to fly your stuff out of state.

Repairs and cleaning

Whether you intend to rent your apartment or sell your home, you must clean it up prior to your move. And more than often, this could take more than just a scrubber and a bucket. So, you might want to consider the cost of a few gallons of paint and hiring a professional cleaning service to tidy up the place. Also, keep in mind that you may need to do some minor repairs and thorough cleaning in your new home—additional expenses to consider when you get there.


You're probably asking yourself, "How can I relocate my belongings to another state when there's not much time left?" Perhaps you're on a tight schedule, or not everything made the initial trip—whichever the case, you'll need short-term storage for your belongings. You should consider such eventualities and the expense of storage facilities if you require them. Moreover, remember that if you're relocating to a relatively smaller home, such as from a mansion to a one-bedroom flat, you may not have enough space for everything you had in your previous home. Storage facilities could be necessary at that point. storage units

Licenses and Registrations

Moving to a new state means you'll need to get new vehicle licenses and registrations. You'll need to set aside money and time to have all of these sorted.


Moving out of state entails much more than just packing boxes and hiring movers. A deposit will almost certainly be required if you relocate to an apartment. You may also be obligated to pay a utility deposit based on your credit score.

Cheapest Way to Move Out of State: 4 Options

Unlike local moves, much can go wrong with long-distance moves, which explains why the latter tend to be much more expensive. But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank.  So, what's the cheapest way to move out of state anyway? What options are there?

Rent a Moving Truck

Acquiring a rental moving truck is a great option for moving your items to another state. Nonetheless, the cost of renting a moving truck may vary based on the size that you need. Getting a rental truck is cheaper than hiring movers, making it one of, if not the cheapest, way to move out of state. Nonetheless, it doesn't include any travel-related expenses you may incur, such as hotel accommodations, gas, or food. If you've got many furniture pieces and other stuff to move, a moving truck might just be what you need. It also proves sensible if you have enough muscle (from family and friends) to load and unload everything onto and out of the truck. In this case, you may attach your car to the rear of the moving truck and avoid incurring an additional cost for having it relocated. moving company San Antonio TX

Rent a Tow-Behind Trailer

Hiring a tow-behind trailer might suffice for a move just a state over. These trailers are versatile and can be hitched to your pickup truck, van, or any other vehicle capable of towing. And with many companies renting them, tow-behind trailers are a simple moving solution to come by. Nevertheless, you must use extreme caution when towing a trailer, especially if you lack previous experience. Don't take your interstate move as an opportunity to learn how to drive with a hitched trailer, as this could contribute to accidents. For this reason, and the additional risk they pose to yourself and other road users, operating a vehicle with a tow-behind trailer without prior experience or a suitable vehicle isn't worth it. 

Move by Train

Most people are unaware that they may travel by train, and that's unfortunate since trains are one of the least expensive ways to relocate to a new state. And if you ask those who've tried it, you may be surprised that it can be more enjoyable and relaxing than driving. If you're considering using the train, you may want to remember the following:
  • Some items, particularly fragile items, such as electronics and expensive artworks, cannot be shipped on board and will therefore necessitate separate shipping. 
  • Bulky items and huge furniture cannot be shipped. Instead, your shipment should only include small furniture pieces and moving boxes.
  • Train moving services often require one to pay a flat fee for the initial 100 lbs or so, then charge a rate per pound for the rest.
  • If you have plenty of items, you'll likely have to ship them using multiple trains.
  • You must pick up your belongings not later than 48 hours after their arrival, or else you'll incur extra storage costs.
The most critical thing to remember about moving by train is that it would only make sense if you reside around a railroad and are looking to relocate near a train station. Otherwise, you'll have to rent a moving truck or seek short-distance moving services to move everything to and from the train station. This, however, could prove more expensive than you'd expect, so if moving by train isn't practical for you, look into other options. 

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring an out-of-state moving company is ideal if you don't want to participate in the heavy lifting and have the means. Long-distance movers will handle everything, from loading to driving and unloading your items at your new place. Full-service movers like Evolution Moving Company will even go the extra mile to help you pack, although most clients prefer doing this themselves. Although not the cheapest way to move out of state, hiring professional movers is the most convenient option and guarantees a smooth moving process. But with scammers and shady movers in the industry, picking the best can be tricky. To help you out with this, look out for the following red flags:
  • A hefty deposit is needed to book your reservation.
  • The moving company does not appear in any directories or online review sites such as Yelp, BBB, etc.
  • A basic Google search for the company yields few to no results.
  • They will just provide you with license information.
  • The firm is not affiliated with any professional moving organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, state moving associations, IAM, ATA, etc. 
  • Their MC or DOT number is not conspicuously displayed on their documents.
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Tips to Save Money When Moving Out of State

If you could fit everything you have into your car's trunk and hit the road, you'd save money significantly. While that's often not the case, there exist strategies you can employ to lower your moving costs even with plenty of stuff to move.
  1. Declutter
Decluttering is one strategy to reduce your moving costs. Some items in your home, such as electronics with missing parts, broken furniture, and VHS tapes, should just be discarded. You might want to move other things like the foosball table, angling boat, and treadmill. However, remember that such items will most certainly increase your moving costs. Quick tip? Sell such heavy and massive items and use the proceeds to replace them soon after your relocation.
  1. Source for Free Packing Supplies
Free packing supplies are often widely available. Visit your local retail outlet, mall, liquor store, or grocery stores, and mall, as they all tend to have many boxes to recycle regularly. Ask if you may have some, and there you go; you have just discovered a treasure trove of free packing materials. Even when packing fragile items, you don't necessarily require bubble wrap—you may still get away with blankets, cushions, towels, and crumpled-up newspapers. After all, those cushions and towels also need to be moved!
  1. Ask Your Family and Friends to Help
Bribe your friends and family with extra-large pizzas to help with your move. This is far less expensive than hiring moving professionals, and it can also be a terrific way to enjoy one last memory together. While most of your friends might only manage to assist you with packing and loading, your family and closest friends may cross the state lines to help you unpack or move your car. Just ensure you'd be inclined to do the same in return.
  1. Schedule Your Move During Weekdays or Off-Season
To find a cheap flight to Paris, you may want to schedule your flight when others aren't traveling. Well, the same applies when moving out of state. Plan your relocation around unpopular travel periods—ideally when the weather is terrible, and kids are in school. Also, avoid moving during holiday breaks and weekends. By moving on a dull work day, you can save on your moving expenses, as demand for moving equipment is typically lower. long distance moving

Your First-Line Out-of-State Professional Moving Company in Texas

Moving from Texas to another state can be an unsettling experience. But with the proper preparation, guidance, and resources, it can also prove a thrilling excursion.  At Evolution Moving Company, we understand the essence of providing outstanding support and service to our clients to render their long-distance move as affordable and stress-free as possible. Whether you are relocating across the country or to an adjacent state, our dedicated team of experienced professionals will be ready to assist you every step of the journey.  Contact us today for a tailored moving quote, and let us help get you where you need to be.  


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