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Guide to moving from Seguin to Lockhart

Seguin and Lockhart are about 32 minutes far apart if you drive following the TX 130 Toll S route. It is not so big a distance. Still, many will rather move, than commuting. Or you have some other reason apart from work. Like joining a family. Or having a good housing offer in Lockhart TX. Regardless of the reason, and short distance, you have to make a good moving plan. Moving from Seguin to Lockhart is just as challenging as a long-distance move. To make it easier, you can always address moving companies Seguin TX. With their professional help, the move will be much easier.

A few facts about Seguin TX

Seguin, established in 1838, many consider the oldest town in Texas. It is a picturesque town located on the Guadalupe River. In the beginning, it was a settlement of frontier Rangers, known as the Walnut Springs. It was later named after Col. Juan N. Seguin. Afterward, the town became known for locally invented "limecrete." It was a kind of concrete, and they used it for house building. Today, only 20 of these concrete buildings are still standing. During a longer period, the town was depending on agriculture.
A street with cars, trees, and houses in a small town as you see after moving from Seguin to Lockhart.
After moving from Seguin to Lockhart.
In the 1930s the oil boom has led to its rapid development. Nowadays, manufacturing plants are making electronic products, steel, mowing equipment, construction material, etc. The town enjoys a relaxed southern lifestyle. There are many beautiful riverfronts homes sitting along the shores of the Guadalupe River. Or on the shores of Lake McQueeney, Lake Placid, and Meadow Lake.

Moving from Seguin to Lockhart - what you should know about your new town?

As it is not so far from Seguin, you could make many day trips to Lockhart. This small Texas town has become synonymous with barbecue. It became known as the Barbecue Capital of Texas. Started as a small cowboy town, it is now a nice place with about 12,000 residents. Since you are planning to become of them, make sure to hire Evolution Moving TX timely. Today, Lockhart is using its reputation as the ultimate barbecue destination. This made it a famous tourist destination. It also became a home for breweries and for a lot of musicians.

What are the interesting things to see in Lockhart?

Everyone visiting Lockhart shouldn’t miss seeing some of the town’s legendary places. Such places are:
  • Caldwell County Courthouse
  • Caldwell County Jail Museum
  • Dr. Eugene Clark Library
  • Lockhart State Park
And of course, visiting famous Lockhart restaurants and ordering a barbeque is a must. There are some culinary gems in town worth visiting. As well as some famous bars:
  • The Original Black’s Barbecue - operating since 1932
  • Smitty’s Market - there is an urban legend saying that barbecues coals in this place have been burning for the last 100 years
  • Kreuz Market - where sausage and ribs are served on butcher paper with “no sauce and no forks”
  • The Pearl - one of the oldest bars in Lockhart
There are many other attractions. After moving companies Lochart brings you in, you will have ample time for visiting all of them.
A workshop in which a man with protective equipment welds metal parts.
Manufacturing remains a strong economic driver in Lockhart.

The job market in Lockhart - what to expect after moving

Manufacturing remains a strong economic driver in Texas. And in Lockhart as well. The main industries in Lockhart are successful production of parts for industries. Especially auto parts and parts of industrial machinery. There is also strong growth in the food and beverage processing industry. Due to its location, Lockhart is a natural location for distribution centers. Lockhart is also one of the prime locations for the production of medical goods. It includes protective equipment too. Besides, the town has a strong tourist industry.  All in all, there are several jobs you can get at Lockhart. Of course, unless you intend to start your own private business. So, with a booming economy, small towns like Lockhart are perfect places to move in.

Comparison of living costs of Seguin vs Lockhart

Overall, Lockhart is 1.3% cheaper than Seguin, TX. The greatest factor influencing the difference is the median home cost. It is 18% cheaper in Lockhart. The median home cost in Seguin TX is $194,200. At the same time, it is about $158,900 in Lockhart. Also, the health costs are much higher than in Lockhart. The other costs, as for transportations, utilities and groceries are similar. As Lockhart is just 34 miles from the heart of Austin, it is an ideal location to invest. Also, there are predictions of strong industry growth in the area.

Time to buy a proper house in Lockhart for you and your family

Now, toy knows Lockhart very well. So, it should be easy to decide about the part of the town you like the best. And where you want to buy a house. The place has to meet basic standards as:
  • Vicinity of your workplace
  • An easy way for kids to reach the school
  • Area weather utility services are good
  • You can reach the shopping malls easily
  • The neighborhood you like
And of course, the house must be in good condition. And must have all proper ownership papers and all necessary licenses.
A plate with grilled ribs, red pepper, and red sauce on the white ceramic plate.
Lockhart is known as the Barbecue Capital of Texas.

Preparing your possessions for moving from Seguin to Lockhart

Checking Lockhart and looking for a proper house to buy, was enough exhausting. Now, it is time to start decluttering and packing. Therefore, it is good to have a moving company to help you. They will complete packing, loading, transport, and unloading. In case you have some surplus things, and what to keep them, look for storage Texas. There you can keep your possessions until you decide what to do with them.

How will your moving company help you to move to Lockhart?

Before you move to Lockhart, you will need some preparations. If you have agreed so, the moving company will help you to:
  • Make a good moving plan and moving checklist
  • Provide you with the best packing material that will withstand transportation
  • Pack your things correctly, so they stay safe during transportation
  • Properly label your moving boxes
  • Load and unload your possessions with care
  • Check with you if you have all the needed documentation with you
  • Check if you have packed the essential bag

After moving from Seguin to Lockhart, continue to explore your new town

First thing first. After moving from Seguin to Lockhart, you will have to prepare your new hose. Give it a new coat of paint. Clean it thoroughly. Then unpack your possessions and place them in their proper places. Once you are ready with this work, you can finally relax. You are now in your home. You are surrounded by familiar things and dear memories. And now you have time to go out and explore your new town. The visit Lockhard page, although it is created for visitors, can help you in the beginning. And not only to know the places in the town. It will give you an insight into events that the town is preparing for. And that you can take a part in.


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