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How to claim moving expenses as tax deduction in Texas

Moving was always expensive and complicated. Even though you cover most of the relocation steps by yourself, you can still end up with a hefty bill. Yes, some moving companies are cheaper than others, but moving-related costs will always be considered an expensive endeavor. Simply because you must pack, cover legalities, and work with the best moving company Texas if you want to have a safe relocation. The basic moving price can be between $500 and $5000 bucks depending on the size of the relocation project and the distance between locations. So, you should know that there is a way to claim moving expenses as tax deduction. Let us guide you through the process and help you initiate this process.

How to claim moving expenses as tax deduction?

The legal part of this story must be boring as most legalities are. And the first thing you should know is that you can claim moving expenses as tax deduction only if you are moving for business. Yes, there are exceptions from time to time but that is on IRS to decide. For example, military personnel is covered by default because the government is asking them to relocate frequently. In all other situations, you could get your money back only if it came out of your pocket.
a woman trying to figure out how to claim moving expenses as tax deduction
Visit the IRS official website and read all about the specifics of a tax deduction during the relocation.
We are sure this is something to think about before hiring long distance movers Texas to cover your relocation. And if you are wondering if you can go all out because you’ll get your money back through a tax deduction, you are wrong. The IRS will review the moving services you have purchased, and you’ll be denied if you had a relocation that is more expensive than it should be.

Obtain the basic info from your moving company

To claim moving expenses as a tax deductions you must go to the Internal Revenue Service website and download the 3903 form. Essentially, it is a tax deduction calculator where you’ll populate all moving-related details. This means you must have all the info available once you start filling out the form. So, be sure to obtain all the info from your moving company. You will need the final bill along with all costs of moving services. Basically, everything related to moving quotes New Braunfels. Then, the distance you are covering along with the exact date, names of people involved, and the full address of both locations.

Know what falls under a “deductible expense” category so you can claim moving expenses as tax deduction

Other than the costs of moving services provided by residential movers New Braunfels there is an extensive list of deductible moving expenses. Most are situational but the most common ones you must know about are the following:
  • Mileage between two locations.
  • Storage unit services.
  • All rented moving supplies, tools, equipment, and a moving vehicle.
  • Parking fees and tolls.
  • Gas.
a woman at the gas station
You must list all gas, tolls, and travel-related costs in your moving contract as well.
Remember, tolls, traveling fees, or if you must stay at a hotel while in transit, are covered by your moving company. It should be included in your moving contract and later deducted adequately.

There are not-included moving costs you should know about as well

There are also quite a few moving-related costs that do not fall into this category. And those costs are pretty obvious. For example, you can’t deduct any expenses related to the leasing, renting, purchasing, or renovating of your new home. Also, meals, travel money, or expenses related to your business are prohibited as well. Do not even try to submit any personal costs other than the cost of the moving service. Now you know how to claim moving expenses as tax deduction. For more info, visit the IRS website to read about a specific situation you are in. Hopefully, you’ll go through the entire thing easily and claim your investment back. Good luck.


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