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Moving during the coronavirus pandemic – cautionary measures

Moving during the coronavirus pandemic – cautionary measures

There could be numerous reasons to organize moving during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people even wonder if that is possible. Yes, it is. However, the Covid-19 outbreak has changed many things. It applies to moving too. Right now, moving is a bit different than it used to be. The moving companies like San Antonio TX local movers are doing the same services as before. However, the difference is that they had increased the cautionary measures. That way, your family and the movers will be safe during the move. Here are some practical tips that can help you during the move.

What to ask your moving company when moving during the coronavirus pandemic

First, make sure you are dealing with an honest moving company. And, nowadays you have to add another security layer to your checks. Ask the movers about the cautionary measures they are taking. Most of the moving companies understand safety measures seriously.
A man with a thermos, gloves and a facemask is sitting next to moving boxes in a van while moving during the coronavirus pandemic.
Most of the moving companies understand safety measures seriously.
Such companies you can trust. However, to be safe, ask them the additional questions:
  • Do they make the virtual cost estimate
  • Are their movers using gloves and facemasks when handling your belongings
  • If their employees vaccinated
  • What are the measures in case an employee tests positive
  • Do they provide hands sanitizers during the move
  • How do they sanitize and decontaminate moving boxes
  • How they make sure your belongings are protected during packing
Reputable companies like Texas movers understand your concerns. They know that the safety of you and your belongings is extremely important in these times.

Check whether the moving company can operate in the area

It is important to confirm that the moving company is allowed to work in your area. By this, we mean that they can work at the start and finish points of your move. Presently, there are no movement restriction measures. But they could be brought literary overnight. So, the previous records can show that the company had no restriction of movement. Thus, they shouldn't have it this time either.

Prepare the essential moving bag, and add the additional protective items

Prepare your essential moving bag in an ordinary way. But, at the same time, you can prepare a smaller one too. In this one keep additional face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. And make sure that all family members know where to find it.
Family wearing the facemasks.
The safety of your family is the most important.

Hire only the moving company that respects Covid-19 regulations

Always choose the company that respects Covid-19 regulations. Wearing masks and gloves, and keeping social distance, is the best way to avoid exposure. You have to move in those unsafe times. But you also want to protect yourself and your family. So, make sure the moving company respects the cautionary measures during the move. What if you notice that some movers are taking off the gloves or a facemask? In such a case, notify the moving company immediately.

Check with the building management about moving restrictions

You might be moving in, or outside the building apartment. In both cases check the policies of the building management. Make sure the movers will be allowed to carry your things. You can supervise movers while working. However, avoid handshaking. Just great them. Also, make sure to maintain a six-foot distance.

Organize the virtual moving cost estimate

The procedure is safe and simple. And most importantly, you will not have people walking around your house. In this case, you will remotely walk the estimator through your home using video chat on your mobile device. After the session, the moving company will send the written cost estimation to your email. This is one of the excellent measures to stay safe during the pandemic.

Cleaning during the coronavirus pandemic move

The CDC is recommending regular home sanitation and cleaning. That is a good coronavirus preventive measure. Their recommendation is to:
  • Often wash the surfaces like faucets and doorknobs
  • Strictly follow the instruction on sanitizers
  • Increase ventilation inside the house by opening doors and windows
When moving during the coronavirus pandemic, make sure to properly clean your old home. Make the same with the one you are moving in. Moving is quite a demanding task. And now, you have to concentrate on additional cautionary measures. In such a case, the best is to hire professional cleaning services. That way, you will be able to move into a safely sanitized home.
A person wearing gloves is spraying an item with disinfectant.
While unpacking your belongings, wear gloves.

How about the contactless move during the corona pandemic moving?

People are adapting to new circumstances quickly. One of the examples is contactless move. It sounds a bit exotic. But it is a rather simple procedure. As a preventive measure, some moving companies introduced the contactless move. This means that the moving company will complete moving without your presence. You only have to unlock the door. After that, you are free to leave. Once they are finished with moving, you will lock the old apartment. And you will repeat the same procedure in your new home. Such a way of moving reduces contact to a minimum. However, with such moves, be careful. Make a video record of everything that has to be moved. Additional precautions are never superfluous.

What to do after completing your move?

After local movers Texas bring your belongings to your new place, it is time to unpack. The home you just moved in, has already been thoroughly cleaned. However, while unpacking your belongings, wear gloves. And make sure to clean each piece using the prescribed solutions. In addition to carefully cleaning all your furniture, make sure to safely dispose of the packing material. In these pandemic times, the best is to recycle the moving boxes and all other packing material.

What to do if you need storage services when moving during the pandemic?

The major moving and storage companies were allowed to operate during the pandemic. Also, check with your moving company can provide the storage facilities. Here are some additional tips for moving during the corona epidemic. They can also help you. So, you can check them for additional advice. And, keep in mind what is the most important when moving during the coronavirus pandemic. It is to follow cautionary measures.


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