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Moving to Boerne in 2022

Moving to Boerne in 2022

Welcome to Boerne, Texas! So, you've moved to the county seat of Kendall County, Texas in the Texas Hill Country. We at Evolution Moving would like to tell you something move about it and what can you do after moving to Boerne in 2022. Boerne is part of Greater San Antonio or officially known as San Antonio–New Braunfels. So let's see what secrets Boerne is keeping away from you. Let's dive in!

The city of Boerne in 2022

We as one of the most reliable moving companies Boerne would like to tell you something more about the city. It has approximately 19,000 people. Now, as you could expect from the city in Texas it's quite hot. There is a little rainfall but no snow at all. The two most important routes are Interstate 10 and U.S. Route 87, we'll tell you why Interstate 10 is so important. For commuters, Interstate 10 is quite important since it will lead you to the city of San Antonio. It's only 31 miles from downtown San Antonio. So commuting won't be a problem, or if you need anything from the city it's only a half an hour's drive.
Road in the desert on a sunny day;
If you are moving to Boerne in 2022, you'll most likely take Interstate 10 which is one of the main roads out there. Also, this road will be quite important for those that commute to San Antonio.

Moving to a small town vs. moving to a big city

We as residential movers San Antonio TX would like to about the advantages and disadvantages of small cities vs big cities. So, let's begin.

Moving to a big city

So if you choose to live in a big city it would typically mean that it has more life and opportunities. That was to get obvious out of the way. Now on the bright side let's say that taxes are higher and usually the real estate is much more expensive. But on the other hand, you'll earn much more if you invest in real estate since prices usually go higher over the years. Also, moving quotes tend to be higher in big cities than in small towns. Also, you'll be traveling less or you can use public transportation like the subway, bus, etc. so in a way it can be more environmentally friendly than driving a car. When it comes to pollution levels they are much higher in cities. Air pollution is higher by 35%, garbage pollution by 25 %, noise by 30%, and water by 20 %.

Moving to a small town

We would like to present you with a short list of reasons why it's better to move to a small town. Let's go!
  • Everything is less expensive in general housing prices and utilities are less expensive
  • Lower taxes
  • Less pollution by almost a third than in big cities
  • Less noise (less traffic and people) and is more suitable for raising a family
  • Criminal levels are lower in rural areas
High angle over residential building in a town;
Moving to a small city can be a life-changing experience. Here water is cleaner and the air is fresher as people like to say. But actually, this is a great place to start your life again or even your farming business.
Environmental concerns might play a huge role if you want to move to a smaller town. Because if there is a big factory near the small town then water and air pollution could cause some environmental damage.

Attractions and family activities in Boerne 2022

One thing is for sure and that is that you'll be closer to nature. That is what moving companies San Antonio will tell you if you ask them about Boerne. So let's see what Boerne's got for you and your family!

Cascade Caverns

A stunning, undisturbed natural cave. It is not as large or tourist-oriented as others in the vicinity, which makes it a beautiful experience. Lighting is adequate but maintained to a minimum to conserve the cave, and you are escorted through with flashlights that allow you to view everything you desire. You can see many animals there like bats, salamanders, and even a snake outside of the cave. You should out this cave experience if you're an adventurer. Fun fact in 1993 a movie starring Patrick Swayze was shot here by Disney, the movie's name is Father Hood.
Man standing outside the cave thinking about moving to Boerne in 2022;
One of the most popular places to visit is Cascade Caverns. There are also other caves in the area but this is the most popular especially if you come as a tourist.

Cibolo Center for Conservation in Boerne

If you like the idea of nature and family together, you should book a moving company in advance. Cibolo Center has been open since 1990 and it's been an education center ever since. Here you can swim, fish, and canoe. While on land you can go, hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding since there are so many trails. On the other hand picnicking, geocaching, and bird watching are all options and if you need a place for a meeting or a wedding you can invite up to 150 people.

Moving to Boerne in 2022 just for the lake

People of Boerne don't want to brag about it, but they have one of the coolest lakes around. There are many lakes to be found around like Medina lake, Diversion, or Calaveras lake. But they aren't as close to as beautiful as Boerne lake. Here you'll enjoy the best weekends like in the movies. Some of the amenities are picnics and yes you can have a BBQ party and there's a big playground for kids. There is a volleyball court, restroom, butterfly garden, a big parking lot, trails, etc. If we talk about water activities we have to mention that this lake is the source of drinking water for the town of Boerne, so you have to respect all the measures and have all the licenses. Here you'll be able to fish, swim, and dive, you also have a dock and fishing pier if you enjoy some of these activities. This would be our advice if you think about moving to Boerne in 2022 now is your chance. Real estate prices are quite nice and it's a peaceful and quiet place. You have a lot of nature surrounding you. Crime levels are low, we hope that this sums it up. We hope that we helped you and given you a couple of nice reasons to move to this lovely town. Have a nice move!  


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