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Moving to San Antonio with Teenagers

Relocations are difficult for each and every individual. That being said, it won’t be easy for you, let alone if you’re a parent moving with teenagers. They are such a sensitive group when it comes to this matter, so it will feel like your relocation is twice as difficult because you’re not doing it alone. However, the good thing is that Evolution Moving Company NB is here for you, not only to share some useful advice but also to help you with the transfer. For starters, we’ll give you some tips on moving to San Antonio with teenagers.

It’s important to understand that Moving to San Antonio will be hard for teenagers

This is a good place to start. Before engaging in the conversations with them, you need to fully understand what it means to force teenagers to leave their homes, and how it impacts them. They are only starting to find their place in the world. If your kids found their comfort zone, have habits, and have made close friends, taking that away from them could seriously hurt their mental health. That’s why you need to understand what will they go through so you can approach them and help them cope with it in numerous ways. For example, it’s good to leave the whole moving process to moving companies San Antonio so you can focus on spending time with your teenagers.
a teen girl worried in a library
Teenagers can find it difficult to leave their old homes.

How to help your teenagers cope with moving to San Antonio?

Since this group is going through so much, every single one of them is unique, so there is no right step-by-step approach. However, there are proven methods, but you will need to optimize them to your child’s needs. You know them the best, so use the advice below to help you coordinate the process.

Talk with your teenagers and listen carefully to what they have to say

Teenage years are filled with many emotions, and most teenagers usually feel that adults aren’t taking them seriously and don’t want to hear how they feel. Some of them may even think that their opinion is completely irrelevant because nobody cares. Don’t make the mistake of letting your child feel that way. This is a really sensitive matter so take some time and let them tell you how they feel about it. If you do this, chances are that your teenager will return the favor, and be rational after hearing what you have to say to them and explain why are you moving to the City of San Antonio in the first place. As an adult, you’re well aware that communication is the key to every successful relationship, and the relationship with your teenager is no different.
a communication between father and son, which is essential for moving to San Antonio with teenagers
Moving to San Antonio with teenagers will be much easier if you have good communication with them.

Involve them in the process

Probably the best way to help your teenagers feel that they matter is to let them have a say in the moving process. Yes, we know that you realize how difficult this process is. For that reason you probably want to leave the teenagers out of it, to protect them from extra stress. But we think this isn’t the best idea. Teenagers want to be involved in the stuff adults are usually handling due to their curiosity and the fact that the same awaits them somewhere down the line. Let them know what you’re thinking, and how are you planning to organize the relocation. If you’re hiring long distance movers San Antonio, research them with your teenagers, and maybe even let them have a say in the final choice.

A few more tips to help your teenagers cope with the relocation

For such a sensitive group, there are dozens of ways to approach them. But be certain, that if you listen to what they have to say and involve them in your thought process and decision-making, they will appreciate it. After doing that, it only gets easier, but still, here are some other tips that you might find useful.
  1. Be honest throughout the process
  2. Let them visit their old home during holidays if they want to
  3. Give them enough time to spend with their friends
  4. Throw a party after moving
  5. Always let them redecorate their new room
a group of friends enjoying the nature
Allow your teenagers to visit their old friends.

Visit schools together after moving to San Antonio with teenagers

San Antonio is great when it comes to education. There are plenty of educational opportunities, so, therefore, more schools to choose from. It’s important to involve your teenagers in this process, as they are the ones that will be attending classes there. Most schools offer free tours for families which is a big plus. That way your teenagers can see first-hand how things work. Maybe they’ll make some friends just by going on a tour, so it might help them cope better with the whole relocation. It’s much better to have friends at the very start of the journey. So after moving with the help of local movers San Antonio, have patience and visit several schools with your teenagers before making a final choice.

Timing of the relocation

If you didn’t move yet, think about when is it best to schedule this event. Obviously, if your move is urgent to the work-related obligations, there isn’t much to do. But, if you’re flexible regarding this matter, avoid going in the middle of the school year. It will be much harder for your teenagers to adjust. This is almost a “sink or swim” kind of thing, which is definitely not a recommended method for teenagers. Instead, try to do it in the summer, during which they’ll have more time to get used to these changes. Patience and honest communication are the most important things when moving to San Antonio with teenagers. Always try to put yourself in their shoes, we’ve all been there after all. Still, if you would have done anything different back then, you need to realize that your kids can’t be exactly the same as you. They are maybe going through something entirely different. That’s why you should get them involved, and if you manage to understand each other, everything will be just fine. Best of luck in your new chapter!  


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