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Pros and cons of moving to North Austin

Relocation to this south-central region of the United States will certainly bring new changes in your life. Austin, as the capital city of Texas, has a lot of stuff to offer. It has a lot of citizens, more than one million. So, for the ones looking for a more peaceful kind of living, moving to North Austin will be a great idea. In order to get familiar with this area, the best is to explore it and find as much as possible information. Or, if you already have moved and realized that you forgot something best movers Texas can deal with it. You can count on the most professional kind of service.

First of all, let's get familiar with North Austin

North Austin represents a suburban part of Austin city. A lot of its neighborhoods were formed soon after World War II. And there is a lot of them, so you can choose which one to live in. It has a lot of possibilities for education. This primarily refers to many elementary and high schools. Also, another important thing to consider is that it's developing very much. Lately, a lot of new buildings and facilities were built, so everyone can find something. If you are interested in relocation to this part of Texas, North Austin movers have all the necessary skills you are going to need.

One of the pros of moving to North Austin is that it's one of the safest neighborhoods in this area

When choosing where to live, this is definitely one of the most important factors to consider. Nothing can change the feeling of walking down the street knowing that you are safe. Plus, if you have small children, it will contribute to the consolidation of this decision. In fact, Austin is one of the safest towns in the United States. Some areas of the city, like any other, are safer than others. Except for North Austin, Rollingwood, Old Enfield, and Hyde Park are the leaders in this list when it comes to the hoods. Take into consideration that residental movers Austin will help you with relocation.

There are going to be a lot of new job opportunities

Before we start, don't forget to prepare for your upcoming relocation. Because you are going to need a lot of supplies and services such as moving services Austin. Packing and storage services, as well as moving boxes, will be at your full disposal. On the other hand, moving to North Austin will bring you a lot of job possibilities. Did you know that Austin is one of the fastest-growing tech cities? If you are an expert in this kind of industry, that's amazing. Also, a lot of other companies opened their headquarters in North Austin. That means the job market is developing. With a lot of patience and perseverance you will find the right job for you, just don’t give up.
Man and woman shaking their hands
If you are looking for a job, moving to North Austin is the best decision you have made so far.

Did you know there is no individual income tax in Austin?

This is surely another benefit of moving to this region. Also, it's one of the main reasons people have chosen Austin to reside in. When you compare it to other states in America, the amount of money you are going to single out for taxes is much smaller. Texas is one of the nine states that don't have it. It's a very tax-friendly region. This implies that Social Security payments and all other forms of retirement income are tax-free. On the other hand, sales taxes and property taxes are just a little bit higher. Also, it doesn't have an inheritance tax. Plus, the salaries are very good. That means you are going to have enough money for bills, taxes, maintenance, and other costs of living.

There are a lot of outdoor activities

If you are an outdoor lover or a sports lover, living in North Austin is going to be perfect for you. Doing cardio in the park, or making a picnic is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Do it in the next places:
  • Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park
  • North Star Greenbelt
  • Quail Creek Neighborhood Park
  • Ron Rigsby Pocket Park
If you go outside North Austin, you also have a lot of options. For example, the Colorado River in Texas, Lake Travis, and Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge are astonishing.
Park with a small bridge
North Austin will offer you a lot of parks and trails for walking or running.

The real estate prices are rising

Unfortunately, this is one of the consequences of the popularity of this city. The prices of houses and apartments in Austin started to go up during the past couple of years. Luckily, North Austin real estate and homes for sale are, however, a shade less than those relating to the city center. The reason lies in the fact that this part is located in a more distant part of the city from the center. But, in any case, when looking for a condo the best would be to do it with a professional agency. This way, the chances you will get scammed are much smaller. On the contrary, you will have to pay the fee to the agency. And sometimes, they are not so low. Inquire well and good luck with your quest.
Key in the door
When moving to North Austin, consider that real estate prices are not so affordable for everyone.

Change in climate can be shocking for some people

If you are relocating from regions that have the colder types of climates, the change can be hard. The climate is specific one - humid subtropical. Summers here are long and very hot, with high temperatures. Austin's winters are known for their moderate temperatures and lack of precipitation. There is a lot of rain in the spring and fall. July and August are definitely one of the least comfortable months. Unfortunately, it is warmer than the majority of Texas. Moving to North Austin has its good and bad sides. Another con is bad public transportation. Even though, we believe that benefits prevail.  


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