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Choosing San Antonio, especially its suburbs, for your next destination, is a great decision and a step that will bring many positive changes in your life. However, no matter how great San Antonio is, you have to work for a living, so if these opportunities aren’t there then it’s better to think twice. But, the good news is that San Antonio has one of the fastest-growing job markets, so you will have absolutely no problems finding a job there. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know what professions are in-demand in the second-largest city in Texas. That’s why Evolution Moving Company NB is here to introduce you to trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs.

A registered nurse is at the top of the list of trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs

This comes as no surprise. Registered nurse tops the list of most in-demand jobs in almost every city and every state in the United States. No reason for San Antonio with 1.550.000 residents to be any different. RNs have been in-demand for quite some time throughout the country, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to stop anytime soon. It’s enough to mention the fact that there are currently almost 8.000 RN job openings available in San Antonio. By knowing this, it’s safe to say that if you have experience and expertise in this field, you won’t have any problems finding a job.
A woman who works as a registered nurse, that's among the trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs, using a phone and holding coffee
A registered nurse is the first on the list of trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs
The same goes for other nursing jobs like patient care technicians, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Jobs that fall into the nursing category are expanding each year, especially in San Antonio. You'll likely have a promising career in Texas if this is your field of expertise. So, start your life in the Alamo City on a high note, move smoothly and quickly with the help of movers Converse TX, and enjoy the new chapter of your career.

Sales associates and sales representatives

Jobs related to sales have also been very popular last few years in the whole United States. Once again, San Antonio follows the trend. Although there are a few more job opportunities regarding sales in the city center, that shouldn’t worry you. There are plenty of opportunities in the suburbs too. There are currently 3.900 sales associate jobs available, and for sales representatives, there are 1.400 openings. These numbers are very large, and you could maybe get hired even if you don’t have any previous experience. On the other hand, if you do have a background in sales, the San Antonio suburbs seem like a safe bet.

Customer service representatives

Another trending job in the San Antonio area is the customer service representative with 2,650 current openings. The beauty of it is that there’s a good chance to get hired without previous experience. This is because some of your other qualities like communication skills, politeness, and patience are the traits of a good customer service representative. Obviously, if you had previous experience, you’re surely going to take a shorter route and probably get hired in no time. Still, for anyone coming to the City of San Antonio in the pursuit of a new career and finding their path, a customer service representative is a nice place to start.
A customer service representative, which is one of the trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs, smiling while sitting in front of a computer
If you want to work as a customer service representative, finding a job in San Antonio won't be an issue.

Job opportunities in catering are also trending in the San Antonio suburbs

San Antonio is a popular destination among tourists. People from Texas also enjoy spending some of their free time in restaurants and bars. So, it’s obvious why the catering industry is very successful in Alamo City and why is it constantly expanding, hence creating more and more job opportunities each year. Cooks and servers are the most in-demand jobs in this field, with each of them having around 1.400 openings in the area.

Software-related jobs

The software field is the industry of the future. Quality workers in this field get easily hired anywhere in the United States with San Antonio being no different. If you have the necessary skills, education, and experience, San Antonio will offer you plenty of opportunities to choose from. Software engineers, software developers, and senior software developers each have between 600 and 700 openings. That's why there are more than enough opportunities if your area of expertise matches these jobs. If you’re unsure how to properly pack your valuable equipment essential for software-related jobs, you can find movers that provide packing services San Antonio. They will take care of that for you.
a woman sitting in a room full of computers
If you know your way around the software, you are likely to have a promising career in San Antonio.

Other trending job opportunities in San Antonio

For people who can’t find themselves in one of the aforementioned categories, don’t give up on San Antonio just yet. We prepared a list of other jobs that are in high demand. Surely some of them will either match your field of expertise, or you will fancy giving them a try to set your career on a new path.
  1. Delivery drivers
  2. General managers and assistant managers
  3. Cashiers
  4. Housekeepers
  5. Shift managers
  6. Assistant professor
  7. Engineers
  8. Business analysts
  9. Teachers
  10. Accountants

Living in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city filled with historic landmarks, great entertainment, and many events while being surrounded by beautiful nature. Texas is considered a tax-friendly state, so expect many different tax benefits when living in the Alamo City. On top of that, the cost of living is slightly below the nation’s average. It’s less than 200 miles away from the ocean and the Mexico border. So, if you ever get bored in San Antonio, which we doubt you will, its location offers you the possibility to travel and explore various places within a 200-mile radius. As for moving there, asking for help from residential movers San Antonio TX is highly recommended to ensure a flying start to your new chapter. There you go, we covered the majority of trending job opportunities in San Antonio suburbs. Surely some of them will be a perfect fit for you. Still, even if you don’t fancy any of these, don’t give up on San Antonio. Texas has a healthy and expanding job market, so there’s no doubt that you’ll find your own path there. We wish you the best of luck!


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