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What are the most expensive items to transport?

Moving to a new place is an exciting moment in your life. This marks a brand new chapter for you so you should enjoy the process. When you have Evolution Moving Company TX assist your move, you can be serene that your relocation will go smoothly. However, let’s not forget that this new and exciting adventure will cost you money. Moving a long distance is a costly process, especially if you are moving expensive items. They need special care in order to arrive safely at your new home. For this reason, we have created a guide that will help you identify the most expensive items to transport in your home. Being able to identify them will help you plan your budget.

What are the factors that affect the cost of transportation?

Some of the items may hold emotional value, however, that doesn’t mean that they belong in a category of the expensive items. Moreover, sometimes you can think that certain items are expensive to transport when in reality they are some of the easiest and the cheapest. This is why getting a free moving estimate from a Texas moving company will help you know which are the expensive items.
A piano is one of the most expensive items to transport.
The piano is one of the trickiest and most expensive items to transport.
When it comes to furniture, most of the time moving rates are calculated by size and weight. The heavier your furniture is the more difficult it will be to load and transport. Also, you need special packaging, like special crates, cases and packing supplies, in order to protect it from the eventual shocks during the transport. This all will make the overall cost higher. And the last thing is the distance. The longer it takes to transport your belongings to your new home the higher the cost of transportation will be.

The most expensive items to transport

The most expensive items are the ones that need special care. Most of the time those items are oddly shaped and quite heavy. Moreover, to protect them from the damage they need to be handled properly. This is why you need to contact a professional moving company when relocating to Texas with your expressive belongings. Here are some of the most expensive items to transport:
  • A piano
  • Large couches
  • Electronic devices and household appliances
  • Aquariums
  • Art

Pianos are one of the most expensive items to transport

This is an easy one. We all know that pianos are very expensive to transport. They are so beautiful to have in the household, but super tricky when it comes to packing and transporting. Since pianos are very expensive they need special care and packing in order to avoid any damages. You don’t want to do it on your own; this is a job for long-distance movers Texas. They will know what packing supplies to use and how to wrap them properly. You can be sure that your piano will arrive safely in your new home. Also, give them a plan of your new home so that they can place it in the desired spot. This will save you time upon arrival.
fish tank
Fish tanks need a lot of preparation before you relocate them.

Large couches are not as easy to transport as they may seam

Due to complicated shape and size, relocation can be tricky. So this is why they are expensive to move. Putting them inside the truck requires a lot of effort; this is why movers are the best solution for this task. They know exactly how to pack and place them in the truck in order for couches to arrive intact at the new location.

Electronic devices and household appliances

In order to protect electronics from damaging you need hard cases and packing materials. These things can affect the price of transportation. For packing electronics don’t forget to use their original boxes. If there is any space left between the equipment and the box add some bubble wrap to isolate them from shocks during the transport. Make sure to use extra padding on the flat-screen TV. Even a small scratch can ruin it. Moving household appliances requires a lot of caution. They can easily get damaged during transportation. Before you start packing make sure to empty them and clean them. You can remove smaller parts and pack them separately. You will need a lot of protective materials to secure household appliances. Since these are very heavy items it’s better to get professional help. You will avoid breaking your expensive items and getting injured if you leave them to movers.
a room full of paintings
Artwork requires special care during transportation.

Aquariums need special care during relocation

The shape and size of the aquarium make it hard to transport. Moreover, the amount of special care the aquarium needs makes it so expensive to move.  It’s important to prepare your aquarium before the packing starts. Before you start cleaning your aquarium get special boxes for the fish and all the decorations. Protect your aquarium well with bubble wrap and special covers to avoid breakage during transport. Once in the truck, the aquarium should be placed flat on the ground. An important thing to know is that professional movers do not have the right to move animals. It is therefore up to you to ensure the transport of your fish.

Artwork is maybe the most expensive item to transport to a new location

Artwork may be the most expensive item to transport. Just putting them in cardboard boxes isn’t enough, that’s not secure enough. Wooden crates are a must for art. This is the most secure way to transport it. Paintings and sculptures have high value, and they cannot be replaced.  You can move on your own other things but not art. This is a delicate task for a professional. Moreover, the biggest piece of advice anyone can give you is to leave delicate work to professional movers. A reliable moving company will know how to protect your most expensive items to transport. And most importantly you will avoid possible damages and injuries.


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