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You’ve probably heard lots of tips and tricks on how to prepare for moving. But where are some handy hacks that can help you with some mistakes you should avoid when unpacking? You’re officially in the right place! Since this process is so crucial for the process of settling in your new home, movers San Antonio will help you through all the steps! Because if you look at the number of people who live out of boxes weeks (even months!) after relocation, it seems that hiring the best packers in San Antonio is the best investment. Because our experienced movers can unpack your entire house quickly and mishap-free, you will have time to focus on different important projects, such as going to your local USPS and changing your address.

How can these tips help you?

Even though you might opt for hiring professional movers to do this for you, we’ve got some advice for you on mistakes to avoid when unpacking. Read on to learn more about how to tackle packing effectively for maximum productivity. If you follow our tips and tricks, you can become completely at home right after the moving day.
Make sure you make a copy of your inventory list—give one to your moving company and track your belongings while you move.

Unpack effectively by using our effective system for mistakes to avoid when unpacking

When it comes to relocating to a new address, everyone’s habits and routines are different. For some people, packing up is terribly boring, but unpacking fills them with a feeling of happiness. Nesting provides them motivation and feelings of satisfaction. A lot of people really love the anticipation that packing up their life represents, but they hate the tedious tasks of unpacking. In case you are wondering what are the mistakes to avoid when unpacking now that you are alone in your new home with all the wrapped furniture and boxes – residential movers San Antonio here for you. Follow these essential tips and make the unpacking process a breeze.

Our easy and efficient unpacking tips

  1. What you need to focus on first is unpacking the essentials box. Leaving the essentials box for later is one of the main mistakes to avoid when unpacking because you’ll end up rummaging through your inventory looking for the most necessary things later in the evening. If you have your essentials with you, you will be able to take your time with the rest of the house.
  2. Plan the layout of each room before you focus on the mistakes to avoid when moving. Following a plan is the best way to anticipate any trouble with your relocation, and the best method to avoid chaos.
  3. Anticipate problems before they arise. For example, instead of delaying lining the cabinets, shelves or installing closet dividers, do it first, when it’s the easiest.
  4. Delegate unpacking assignments to willing and hardworking helpers. Each member of your family could be assigned the task of setting up their own bedroom. It’s a smart way to get your kids to participate as well.
  5. Try to take a break when you complete the main unpacking chores. If it is possible, invite everyone for a fun unpacking party that the whole family can enjoy.
If you’ve labeled the boxes religiously, you will be able to find the stuff you need fairly quickly.

Distributing your boxes strategically is a sure way to figure out how to unpack in the most effective way

It is really tempting to just pile up your moving boxes in one huge pile right next to the front door. Everyone always thinks they will just sort them out later. However, we always need to emphasize the importance of doing the unpacking right away. One of the most important mistakes to avoid when unpacking is to not procrastinate unpacking! If you know you are going to make these mistakes, we suggest you hire Evolution Moving packers and take the time we save you to do something you enjoy much more.

Mistakes to avoid when unpacking: not sorting your boxes

In order to do this step effectively and quickly, each of your boxes should have a label for the room to which it belongs. Therefore, in case you become impatient and start quickly and randomly opening boxes, you will be able to clearly see what type of items you are unpacking. But if you want the most ideal case, you should focus your packing process according to the frequency of usage, room or by category. Our experts at Evolution Moving San Antonio have to advise you to follow one of these packing systems because it will really make your entire move that much easier! Then all that you will have left to do is check the label on each box so that you can begin unboxing them in the appropriate room they correspond to. And that’s mistakes to avoid when unpacking 101!

Where to start first when thinking about mistakes to avoid when unpacking?

Always start with the necessities! That will make your entire relocation much easier. So when you begin to unpack, you should get the essentials box (or luggage) first. Just make sure you take this box or bag with you in the car or the plane, instead of loading it on the moving truck. One of the most common mistakes to avoid when unpacking is leaving this box in the back of the moving truck! That way you can have all the essential items with you so you can relax and feel at home right after moving in.
Get your beds ready for the first night. You’ll thank us later when you hit the sheets after a long, exhausting day of unpacking.
These crucial items usually consist of your basic toiletries, some towels, medications for the first few days, some books (or a kindle of course), several sheets of paper, some containing key addresses and telephone numbers. And also, don’t forget some basic kitchen accessories! If you have all these items, you’re set! Have a smooth relocation!


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