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Guide for moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX

When you decide that moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX is the right option for you, a good guide can help make your relocation easier. A guide will help you to make a good moving plan. This will organize your move in the best possible way. Also, with good organization, you will be able to sufficiently decrease your moving costs. By hiring residential movers San Antonio TX, you can make your move even more effortless. They have skilled movers who can help you with various tasks, as well as reliable and well-maintained moving trucks. Additionally, you won't have to worry about the equipment necessary for proper packing and safe moving of your things.

How to prepare a good plan for moving to Kyle TX?

You have probably heard many times about making a moving plan. By making a moving plan beforehand, you'll be able to save a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run.  So, how do you prepare a moving plan? The most important part of making a moving plan is making a list of tasks that you need to complete.
A town street with cars, greenery and houses on both sides, you will find when moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX.
It's really important to make a good moving plan when you opt for moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX
By following the tasks, set in a logical order, your moving preparation should develop smoothly. It's easy to fall off the track or feel like you're wasting your time, but it's important to stick to your plan and these doubts will resolve on their own. Also, when making a moving plan, set it by categories as:
  • Set a moving date
  • Hire reliable movers
  • Complete decluttering and take inventory of items you want to move
  • Determine your moving budget
  • Do a garage sale or donate your surplus items before starting your packing process
  • Check your utility bills and cancel the contract for the place you are living
  • Arranging the utility supplies for your new place
  • Cancel your mail and notify the post office of your relocation
  • Invest in good-quality moving supplies and equipment
  • Decide the order of room packing
  • Make an organized packing plan
  • Prepare all of the documents you need for your relocation
  • Pack a moving bag with essentials
When you set a moving plan, it will help you in two ways. First, the moving preparation will be orderly. Secondly, you will be sure that you have completed all tasks necessary for relocation. If you follow the list you won't have to worry about forgetting anything.

Decluttering your possessions

This is an important part of moving preparations. Once you clean up your home, you will know exactly how many things you are moving. This will enable you to get the best cost assessment from moving companies. Accordingly, you will get to know the cost of transportation of your goods. Also, it will show you how many moving supplies you'll need. So, take decluttering as a starting point that leads you to other points in the plan. By learning the basic moving costs, you will be able to determine the budget. During your decluttering process, you might consider getting rid of most of your furniture or other bulky belongings. This is because you might be afraid of ruining them during transport or even packing. However, this can be avoided if you hire a professional moving company. Reliable moving companies can take care of relocating any piece of furniture you have. Perhaps you're worried about destroying your precious piano, this problem can be easily taken care of by piano movers San Antonio TX. They will safely relocate your piano to Kyle without any problems.

Packing your belongings for moving to Kyle TX

Now, after completing preparations, you can start packing. It's best to start with the least used rooms. You can start with packing things from the attic, garage, or basement. Also, you can pack all out-of-the-season clothes. When packing, make sure to properly label every moving box. If you don't feel confident in your packing abilities, or simply want to spend your time tying up other loose ends, be sure to hire the help of packing services San Antonio TX. They can do the heavy lifting and ensure all of your belongings are adequately packed while you sort out other things.
a man and a woman packing
The most important thing when moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX is to follow your moving plan and pack efficiently
Also, don’t forget to pack a moving bag with essentials. This bag you should keep with you all the time. Besides medications, basic toiletries, change of clothes, water, and snacks, make sure to add all documents you may need during the relocation process.

Moving day

After careful and thorough preparation, the moving day has finally come. Hopefully, everything you've done up to this point will make today go by as smoothly as possible. Of course, some things need to get done on the moving day and we will tell you everything you'll need to keep in mind. First, be sure to wake up early. You will need to get a lot of things done and it's better if you have more time. Pack any leftover things you have in your home and your essentials bag if you haven't already. Do a final sweep of your home before your movers come. Once moving companies Kyle TX come to collect your moving boxes, greet the movers. Give them a walkthrough of your home and give them any additional information you might have, perhaps if you have an especially fragile box they should keep in mind. Don't forget to give them water while you moderate the move. If you've followed our guide for moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX, your relocation will be effortless.

When moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX - what to know about your new place?

San Antonio is a beautiful place, and you liked living there. However, as you are moving to Kyle, you should inform yourself about it. Kyle is a typical small Texan community. This means that it has a tight-knit community that is eager to welcome someone new. It is a good place for young couples with kids as it has both good schools for your children and many job opportunities. It is also a peaceful place, attractive for those who wish to live in the Austin area without the hustle and bustle of a big city. So, with help of Texas movers, you will easily relocate to your new home.
Two men on horses playing polo.
Polo is quite popular in Kyle and there are many clubs where you can learn to play polo

Difference between living costs in Kyle and San Antonio TX

Now that you are moving to Kyle, you need to know how life there will differ from the one you had in San Antonio. Both of these cities are incredible, and you know everything about San Antonio. Now it's time to learn about Kyle as well. We will tell you what to expect about living in Kyle.

Rent and real estate prices in Kyle TX

Kyle consists of 6 neighborhoods. There are about 9oo homes for sale and the prices range from $90K to $12.9M. Some of the best neighborhoods in Kyle are:
  • Midtown Community
  • Downtown Kyle
  • East Settlement Community
If you're looking to rent an apartment in the city center, you will have a lot of choices. For a 1-bedroom the average rent is $1258 and for a 3-bedroom it's $2257.

Living costs

The average cost of living in Kyle TX is $1947 and the median salary after tax is $3749. If you're living by yourself in Kyle, your living costs without rent would be about $725 monthly. For a family of 4, the average living costs can be up to $2363.  Most of the money would go towards groceries, $531 for one person and for 4 $1381. Utility bills are relatively cheap, $107 for one person and for a family $164.

Job opportunities

For people moving to Kyle in hopes of starting a successful career, you have come to the right place. Kyle's economy is booming, and more and more job opportunities are arising every day. We've made a list of some of the fastest-growing careers and their median salaries:
  • Operations Research Analysts - Median Annual Salary: $87,090
  • Physician Assistants - Median Annual Salary: $112,200
  • Dental Hygienists and Assistants - Median Annual Salary: $77,590
  • Management Analysts - Median Annual Salary: $95,730
  • Nurse Practitioners - Median Annual Salary:  $116,700
  • Dentists - Median Annual Salary:  $184,410
  • Software Developers - Median Annual Salary: $109,570
  • Coaches and Scouts - Median Annual Salary:  $53,740
a man and a woman shaking hands
Kyle has a lot of job opportunities and employers are eager to hire new and enthusiastic staff


A local transportation ticket is quite cheap in Kyle, only $2.2. For a monthly ticket expect to pay $57.4. If you travel mostly by car, keep in mind that gas is $1.25 for 1 liter. For air travel, you can rely on San Marcos Regional Airport, which is only 7 miles from Kyle. A taxi ride for a 5-mile trip will cost you $16.7.

What to do after moving to Kyle?

As with any other move, the first thing is to unpack your possessions in your new home. After that is time to go around and get to know the place. Also, use all opportunities to meet your new neighbors. Kyle is a small place, so meeting new people is easy. That is one of the advantages of small places. Also learn about the closest shops, restaurants, and parks. The better you get to know your new place, the easier you will find the places you need.
Sunset over a lake.
Kyle is beautiful and outdoorsy people will have a lot of fun exploring its nature

Get to know Kyle and have fun

There are many possibilities to entertain yourself in Kyle. You can learn to play polo. Or just enjoy the polo games. If you are not the sports type, you can visit Kyle’s picturesque lake and enjoy the sunset over it. In this town, you can also easily step back into the past times. If you like staying outside, you will have many opportunities to walk or go on a picnic. Living in Kyle, you will have ample time for discovering the charm of Texas Hill Country. Also, you can check entertainment possibilities in Austin, which is only a 20-minute drive away. Or simply go there for shopping. Here is a list of some interesting entertainment possibilities in Kyle:
  • County Line Polo Club
  • Plum Creek Golf Course
  • EVO Entertainment
  • Katherine Anne Porter Literary Center
  • Kyle Auction Oak
  • Kyle Railroad Depot & Heritage Center
  • Lake Kyle
  • The Jumpy Place
One thing is for sure. You will not be bored in Kyle, TX.

After the excitement of moving to Kyle, you will feel that you need a break

Moving is so stressful and complicated it usually keeps your mind occupied at all times. During your relocation, you will feel a mix of many emotions, excitement, stress, fear... This is quite normal and will go away once you've settled into your new home. The first few days or even weeks you might still feel the excitement of living in a new city. But after a while, a lot of people start missing their old homes. Additionally, you might even start feeling pressure to fit in quicker. One of the best ways to deal with pressure is to entertain yourself. Whether that's from the comfort of your own home or by doing outdoor activities that's up to you. Be sure to look into ways of dealing with pressure as a way of coping.
a woman listening to a therapist
If you feel depressed or anxious for a longer period of time, don't be afraid to seek professional help

After moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX, explore your new town

After a few weeks in Kyle, you will feel at home. This is because it's a small town with a tight-knit community. Hopefully, we've helped you with moving from San Antonio to Kyle TX. Now it's the time to enjoy your new home and start fresh. Be sure to have fun and meet new people. If you have any questions or doubts about living in Kyle, you can find a lot of information on their official Kyle website. When you live in a place, it is always good to be well informed about various events. And the website covers things like weather, utility services, employment possibilities, and many more.


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