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    After the Relocation - October 8, 2020

    Texas is one of the best places cities live in the United States. It has all that you need and more. The most popular in the biggest cities in Texas include Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. San Antonio in particular has seen a rise in its popularity in the last five years. Movers and packers in San Antonio are constantly busy with calls from people all over the USA. There must be a good reason why thousands and thousands of people decide to make San Antonio their permanent home. The first reason would be no state income tax and the rest of the reasons you can find out by reading this article. Therefore, here is a guide to moving from Wimberley to San Antonio. 

    Moving from Wimberley to San Antonio – how to organize the relocation 

    Before reading all the reasons why you should move to San Antonio, you should see how to organize one relocation. Here is a timeline for you to follow. 

    • Take a look at your household – decide what you want to bring with you by decluttering your home. you can save a lot of money on moving services if moving companies Wimberley TX have fewer things to move. 
    • Hiring a moving company – you should hire a moving company for your relocation from Wimberley to San Antonio as it is extremely stressful to organize everything on your own. 
    • Packing your items – you should make a packing schedule. This means packing one room per day. It would be extremely beneficial for you if you can follow through with your packing schedule. 
    • Other important tasks – including updating your address, notifying all the institutions about your move, gathering all the documents, etc. 
    sticky notes on the table
    Organize your relocation properly

    It is quite affordable to live in San Antonio 

    San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas. It has almost 1.5 million residents. However, it is quite affordable to live in this city, especially in the housing market. Similar to any other city in the world, the most expensive part of the city is downtown. Apart from this area, other places around the city are relatively affordable and easy to purchase a home there. The median house price is around $180,000. When you compare it to the national average, it is almost 30% cheaper. This is why you should not hesitate when purchasing your new house. Because of such a low price, all the houses are sold pretty fast. After purchasing the house, you can renovate your Texas home if you don’t like some parts of it. Considering the affordability of everything, you will have enough money to make all the necessary renovations. 

    Moving from Wimberley to San Antonio – pick your new neighborhood 

    Before you hire the best movers in San Antonio, you need to pick your new neighborhood. There are many great neighborhoods in San Antonio. Almost all of them are perfect for starting and raising a family. If you are not familiar with the city, here are a couple of suggestions.  

    • Alamo Heights 
    • Stone Oak 
    • Downtown area 
    • Boerne 
    • Helotes 
    • Schertz 

    When choosing your next neighborhood, you need to think about several things. First of all, your new neighborhood should be relatively close to your job. It would be a waste of time to spend more than 30 minutes commuting. Then, if you have children, you have to pick the neighborhood with good schools. In addition to this, your new neighborhood should have all the important institutions closed by, such as the bank, the school, supermarket, a doctor’s office, and so on. 

    buildings in the distance
    San Antonio has many lovely neighborhoods to choose from

    The cost of living and how to find a job 

    As mentioned before, it is quite affordable to live in San Antonio. The first reason behind this is lower income taxes. They are below the national average. However, sales and property taxes are a little bit higher than the national average. Still, you will have more than enough to support your comfortable life in this Texas city. In order to be financially stable, you need to get a job. Luckily, the job market in San Antonio is pretty decent and you should not have any problems finding the job you want. How to get a job before moving to San AntonioEven though it is possible to organize the entire relocation without a job, it would be much more comfortable to move to know that a new job is waiting for you. For this reason, make your CV irresistible to new employees and prepare yourself for a job interview adequately. 

    Moving from Wimberley to San Antonio to lead a relaxing life 

    The quality of life in San Antonio is extremely high compared to other large cities in the USA. People in San Antonio know how to enjoy their life. This is not surprising considering all the entertainment and activity options that exist in this city. First of all, there are many beautiful parks around San Antonio where you can go and enjoy some fresh air, organized a picnic, play some sport, play with your dog, and so on. Physical activity is extremely important if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, after relocation, it is very important to take care of your health. Since moving is quite stressful, you will need time to adapt to your new surroundings. Taking a walk around your new neighborhood will decrease the level of stress. You can also get to know your new city and meet people. 

    man and woman standing on the bridge
    Residents of San Antonio are very active

    Attractions to see in the city 

    When moving from Wimberley to San Antonio, you should make a plan to see all the attractions in the city. They include the following. 

    • The River Walk 
    • Eisenhower Park 
    • Fiesta San Antonio 
    • Texas Folklife Festival 
    • Diwali 
    • Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Range 

    Some of the historical places to visit include The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, The Alamo, The San Fernando Cathedral, and Spanish Governor’s Palace. You will not be bored when living in San Antonio. 


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