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Reasons to settle in New Braunfels: 2022 edition

When looking for a place to move to and settle in, there are a lot of standards to meet up and criteria to fulfill. When it comes to the second largest state in the US, there are many towns and places to choose from. Perhaps you wish to avoid living in big cities such as Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio. However, staying close to a metropolitan area can bring you numerous perks. If you are looking for reasons to settle in New Braunfels, have in mind that this town may be just what you are looking for. New Braunfels moving company will guide you through this charming little place in Texas.

New Braunfels

Located just north of San Antonio as the suburb of this great metropolitan area, New Braunfels is the seat of Comal County. It is widely known for its German Texan heritage, as there were a lot of German immigrants who moved to Texas before the Civil War. German Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels founded the settlement and named it after his hometown in Germany Sols-Braunfels.  The town lies between San Antonio and Austin, so its residents may choose which of the two big cities to gravitate towards.
a flag of Texas hanging on the wall
The grand state of Texas offers a multitude of charming places to live in, such as New Braunfels
Hot and humid summers and warm winters make the climate of New Braunfels. This area is very much prone to rainfall and floods, and this may be one of the downsides of living in this town. Apart from the occasional floods, this town boasts over 220 sunny days a year. With around 90,000 inhabitants, New Braunfels can be considered a middle-sized town. The demographics consist of various nations and races, making this place culturally diverse and dynamic. On multiple occasions, New Braunfels has been named the US second or third fastest-growing city with a population of over 50,000. If you are considering moving to this town, be sure that you will have the best moving services New Braunfels offers. Having good movers at your disposal makes the whole relocation experience more pleasant and less stressful.

Reasons to settle in New Braunfels

When choosing a place to settle in, there are a lot of factors that affect this decision. Moving out of your home and into a new place is a great transition in life. This results in many changes. Perhaps you will change jobs and your kids will change schools and acquire new friends. After all, you are coming to a new community, and there are a lot of other things to adapt to. All of this might be hard, but one can overcome this situation with good preparation. When you are moving to a new town, planning is one of the most important things. Plan how to go about selling the house, buying a new property, which items to pack and which ones to get rid of, and how to pack and find appropriate storage space if necessary. In case you are struggling with some of these aspects of moving, for instance with packing, you can always solve this problem by taking up the best packing services New Braunfels offers. Exploring the town you are moving to is one of the main parts of your relocation planning. If you are looking for reasons to settle in New Braunfels, here are some of the most prominent ones:
  • high quality of life
  • proximity to two major cities
  • the great outdoors
  • famous festivals
  • historic sites

High quality of life

New Braunfels has been steadily growing for the past thirty years. It attracts people from all over the USA. The rapid increase in population took place after 2010 when the number of residents jumped from 57,000 to about 90,000. Consequently, a large number of homes have been built. The downside of this growth is that it brought a rise in real estate prices. However, there is still affordable housing to be found. Most people own their homes and have the opportunity to achieve real suburban life.
a nice suburban house is one of the reasons to settle in New Braunfels
Although real estate prices have increased over the past decade, there is still affordable housing to be found

Job opportunities

New Braunfels offers a multitude of job opportunities, as over 800 businesses have opened in the past seven years. The manufacturing industry is one of the most prominent ones. Therefore, whether you wish to work in the area or commute to San Antonio or Austin, the likelihood of finding a job is high. The prices of transportation, utilities, and groceries are below the national average. On the other hand, healthcare and housing are more expensive.


Public schools are top-of-the-class and above average, with great student performance. Therefore, if you are moving with kids, they are guaranteed to have a top education. Prospective buyers will not only look at the house they plan to move to. Many of them consider schools very important when making a decision about where to live. There are 3 school districts in the New Braunfels area - New Braunfels ISD, Comal ISD, and Navarro ISD. It is up to you to decide which school your children will attend. Therefore, before hiring residential movers New Braunfels to assist you with relocation, carefully examine all schools in this town and try to make the best decision about the foundations of your children's future academic lives.
a teacher standing in front of a class
Good schools are one of the key factors for making a final decision on where to settle

Proximity to two major cities

New Braunfels is located 32 miles northeast of San Antonio and 48 miles southwest of Austin. The convenient location makes it a great place to live in as it offers a suburban feel, yet big-city lights are just a short drive away. Also, you can take advantage of all the perks that these two cities offer during the day and come back to sleep in your comfortable and spacious suburban abode.

San Antonio

Besides countless job opportunities, San Antonio offers a variety of activities and amenities. After a short drive, you will be able to experience so much. The Alamo fortress where you can learn about history, and the River Walk which offers a multitude of bars and restaurants. This city is also famous for its great food and a variety of museums. As a resident of New Braunfels, you have all these experiences in your neighborhood. Get in touch with the local movers New Braunfels and they will conduct your relocation in no time.


Austin offers a multitude of well-paid jobs, and this is one of the main reasons people gravitate toward it. It is home to tech start-ups and large tech companies, so experts in the IT field will be able to find a job very easily. Not to mention that Facebook and Google headquarters are located in this thriving and vibrant city. Besides the IT profession, there are other industries that are well-developed here, such as education, healthcare, entertainment, etc. Apart from securing yourself a job, you can find many other entertaining things in Austin. For instance, the city is called the live music capital of the world, owing to numerous concerts and performances that take place here. Living in a small town and having big-city perks within up to 50 miles radius is a prerogative not many towns boast. This is one of the reasons to settle in New Braunfels. Having a house in the suburbia, with a spacious backyard and a supportive community, while being able to go see performances of major music stars all in the same day sounds like a great way to spend your life.

The great outdoors

Owing to very pleasant weather year-round, New Braunfels is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Certainly, the most famous one is trout fishing on the Guadalupe River. The best season for this activity is winter, so those who love to fish are bound to have one of the best fishing experiences in the USA. Rent a cabin overlooking the river and enjoy the nature around you. Landa Park is one of the best places for outdoorsy types. It offers an array of activities - paddling on the lake, bike riding along the trails, mini golf, a playground, fauna and flora watching, and many more. You can take a miniature train and ride through the whole park. Also, Cypress Bend Park and River Acres Park are two places where you can enjoy nature and fresh air. So if you need help while moving boxes in New Braunfels with your outdoor equipment, make sure to contact us.
two people canoeing
Great opportunities for water sports can be one of the reasons to settle in New Braunfels
Comal River is another river that flows through New Braunfels. Tube, canoe, and kayak rentals are available for adventurous visitors who come to this magnificent place from all over the world. The biggest attraction is a large concrete waterslide. The water is very refreshing in the hot summers, and also very pleasant for a short bath in the winter. After finding a house, a job, and exploring places for recreation in New Braunfels, feel free to contact your movers for moving quotes New Braunfels.

Famous festivals

All year long New Braunfels is host to many events. Troutfest takes place in the winter, and over 3,000 people interested in fly fishing take part in it. Wurstfest is in the fall and celebrates the German heritage of the town. It offers great food, music, carnival rides, German and local beer, and the Bavarian type of festivity. In the spring, you can enjoy a 19-century family heritage festival called Folkfest. People dressed in costumes of Confederate soldiers and 19 century Texan officers. This fun insight into local history is combined with great food and drinks. are here to demonstrate what people looked like in the old days. The summer is reserved for Texas' largest county fair.  Apart from the regular festivals, one can find entertainment every weekend, in the form of live music, theatrical shows, or happy hours.
music festival
Plenty of music performances and other entertaining activities take place in New Braunfels
Some of the upcoming festivals are the Veterans Day Parade on November 12 and a Halloween event called Downtown Spooktacular.

Historic sites and museums

Downtown New Braunfels represent a historic district on its own as it boasts numerous historic buildings. And just outside of New Braunfels lovers of history can enjoy the small town of Gruene. It is known for its German-Texan heritage, and it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The unique German-Texan architecture will leave you in awe. Also, this place is a famous destination for country and Americana music. In case you are interested in history and music, moving to New Braunfels will meet your standards and preferences. Also, the town prides itself on being the location of various museums: McKenna Children's Museum, Sophieburg Museum, Railroad Museum, Artleague Gallery, and Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture. Find out more about the community life of New Braunfels by searching online and talking to people.

Living in New Braunfels

Relocation is a very stressful process, but if you explore your new place of residence before the moving day, you might make it a bit easier. New Braunfels is a very welcoming town that nurtures a warm atmosphere and a community spirit. It has a lot to offer in all fields of professional and personal life. It is close to two major cities in Texas and has a unique German heritage that makes it one of a kind. The weather is nice most of the year, the climate mild, and there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. There are numerous reasons to settle in New Braunfels. Your task is to explore the town and check if it's right for you. After that, make a moving plan, pack your boxes and hire reliable movers to handle your relocation. With a renowned moving company by your side, it will be much easier to overcome the change of residence. The residents and businesses of this town have a highly diversified quality of life. This makes the town attractive to visitors, too. New Braunfels is a charming oasis that will offer you everything you need for a normal life and more than that.


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