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Tips to prepare your valuables for transportation

Like any other item, you must prepare your valuables for transportation, too. There actually should not be many differences in packing and moving. The main difference between packing valuable and everyday items is in preparation. People usually include antiques in the list of valuable things. Although we presume that antiques are valuable, there are items that are worth more for us. Even our grandmother’s vase could be worth much more for us than the most expensive painting. However, you should know that valuable items need proper preparation, whatever they represent to us.
A pirate chest with treasure to help prepare your valuables for transportation
Wondering how to prepare your items of value for transportation? It's easier than it seems.
  • Furniture is an obviously valuable item, but not every piece of it, so make sure that you really need to transport it with you, otherwise, leave it behind;
  • Ceramic glass and cups are surely valuable items;
  • Many people have silver items in the house, like spoons or cups, those need protection, too;
  • We are sure that you have valuable art in your home and you will surely take it with you when moving, so prepare your valuables for transportation properly.
Although you can easily learn how to prepare your items of value for transportation, many people do not do that properly. Most of them find it expensive or not necessary. However, you can always hire a professional moving company to help you.

Things you should do before preparation

Valuable items need special preparation not only because of fragility. They usually need special documentation if they are expensive or rare. On the other hand, you can prepare yourself for future moving, too.

Define valuable items

You may feel that your necklace is very important in your life, but it could be cheap and small for a serious moving company. However, you should not pay a price that is too high for items that have no value. So, define your valuable things and how they are valuable for you - emotionally, economically, a piece of art...

Make an inventory

Making an inventory list is important even when moving to Austin from San Antonio. If you want to prepare your valuable items for transportation properly, first make a list of valuable things. You can also make a photo of them and especially focus on sensitive parts.

Gather packing materials

You will surely prepare a lot of different packing materials for moving. However, the packing of valuable items demands different types of them. You should prepare boxes, silver tape, blank newspapers, tissue paper, cloth, blankets and stretch plastic wrap. However, you will not use every one of them for your packing. Some of them you will not use for packing directly.

Prepare your valuables for transportation with proper packing

Packing is not the end of moving. It is almost the beginning of the long process that you will pass through. That is why it is important to learn how to pack your valuable items. On that way, you will prepare your valuable items for transportation properly. However, any long distance moving company can and will help you with preparation, all you have to do is ask.


Furniture is one of the most fragile and large items that you will move to a new location. That is why it is hard to prepare your valuable and big items for transportation. Use soft materials, and protect edges before wrapping. Do not use stretch plastic on the wood directly.


Not only that you need to protect ceramic cups and glasses, but you also need to protect angles and joints. They can easily damage themselves during moving. Use paper and then bubble plastic to wrap the item.


You surely have silver jewelry, but you can also take with you silver spoons or glasses. In that case, clean silver firstly, and then wrap in soft flannel.
You need to know which items have emotional, and which monetary value.

Valuable art

You should know that paintings and sculptures need special preparation when moving. The best is to use special mirror boxes and put in it a painting wrapped in blank newspaper. Then protect the sides and edges of the box with silver tape.

How to prepare your car for moving

In case you have decided to move your car with you, you should prepare it properly. During preparation and before moving starts, you can park the car in a safe garage. Before moving to wash your car and do a visual inspection or make photos of the car. You can also do maintenance and secure the car. Do not forget to make a note for the driver about the usage of the car.

Tips for preparing your valuables for transportation

There are small tips and tricks that you should adopt in order to prepare your valuable items for transportation. Many of those tricks are truly lifesavers when moving. Do not forget that moving company could provide you with advice, but they cannot see or predict everything. It is more about your job. Unless, of course, you opt for packing services Texas. Then you will have nothing to worry about.


Valuable items are rare and usually, you will need to prepare documentation before moving. It could mean that you should take a paper that proves your ownership, or origin of the item. This is especially important if you travel aboard.

Pack all items separately and wrapped

Do not make a mistake and wrap them together. They could damage each other during moving. This is important for books as well as for glasses.

Take the lighter items with you

We know that this could be hard, but the best is to take everything you can with you. This is especially true for small pieces of jewelry and books.
A girl reading a book.
Oftentimes, books are our most valuable possessions.

Consider getting insurance

Moving insurance is actually important for every moving, but people usually do not use it. However, you must use the insurance when moving your valuable items. You should also use special types of insurance for pieces of art or antiques.

Label the boxes properly

This is the most important part when moving fragile items. Although you may think that you will always know what is inside your boxes, workers in the moving company do not know. On the other hand, you should mark boxes that they must put up right, too. In order to prepare your valuables for transportation, label boxes, and mark their importance.


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