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    Texas Housing - November 17, 2018

    Austin, TX is a city that attracts large numbers of people of all ages and walks of life. Immigrants, college students and grads, families with children, and many other categories are calling Texas movers and flocking to Austin. It is growing at such a fast pace that one cannot help but wonder – why is everyone moving to Austin? And we think we have the answers.

    Downtown Austin on a beautiful day
    Every neighborhood in Austin has its unique vibe. Everyone who moves to Austin will be able to find a perfect neighborhood for themselves.

    Turn your frown upside down

    The residents of Austin are always friendly and positive. If you find yourself sad or anxious about moving to a new city, Austinites will definitely cheer you up because everywhere you look people are smiling. Diversity is welcome here. Austin is home to people of different nationalities and cultures. It has even been named one of the friendliest cities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in the nation.

    Your job hunt shouldn’t last long

    Moving to Austin is a smart decision for job-seekers since it is constantly listed as one of the best cities for jobs. Since people very often move for work-related reasons, Austin is currently among the fastest-growing US cities. It has become a hub for business, innovators, and those seeking employment. Abundant job opportunities combined with great entertainment options make this city a perfect place for recent college grads.

    Austin is a tech hub

    In case you are looking for tech jobs, we have good news – the city has a thriving tech scene. It is one of the best US cities for tech start ups. In fact, the entire state is a hot spot for tech entrepreneurs. Austin is known as “Silicon Hills” owing to a large number of tech companies. Austin’s tech companies form the majority of tech-related revenue in Texas, behind the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you already have a tech business, why not move it to Austin? First, find a suitable office space for rent. Then, hire experienced movers. You can also assign moving tasks to your staff members to save money on the move.

    An arrow going up, numbers and squares in the background
    The city’s booming economy is a huge part of the reason why everyone is moving to Austin.

    No one can resist Austin’s food

    Foodies, Austin is the place for you. In Austin, you can enjoy the nation’s best BBQ. You’ll have to start taking BBQ seriously if you decide to move to Austin. Some diners do not even have closing hours. They close when they run out of food. If you are not a fan of BBQ, so what? There are many excellent restaurants in Austin that offer various kinds of food. Even the grocery stores are amazing. Another major part of Austin’s food scene are the food trucks where you can buy tacos and other popular delicacies. Food trucks are everywhere – along the streets, at festivals, and in designated lots.

    Your body will thank you for moving to Austin

    In spite of the tempting food offer, moving to Austin will surely have a positive impact on your health. Austin is known for being an energetic city where you can expect a lower level of stress. Thanks to the city’s relaxed atmosphere, you too can become calmer and happier.

    Burn those calories

    Austin is a real gem in a nation that is suffering from obesity. Fitness is big here. In fact, this city is one of the country’s fittest places to live. There are numerous options to get in shape, just choose what suits you best. Jog along the water, go swimming or become a gym member. There are many dog parks, as well. So, your pooch can be healthy, too. Still, whatever you choose, we don’t recommend outdoor workouts in the middle of a hot summer day.

    Forget about the cold

    If you are not a fan of snow and freezing weather, you will love it here, since such weather conditions are rare. The metro area has pretty mild weather year round, although the summers can be tough without air conditioning. In August, the hottest month, temperatures average around 98°F. Sometimes, temperatures rise above 100°F. On the bright side, the spring and the fall are typically mild and enjoyable with average temperatures around 67°F.

    Moving to Austin in the summer is more expensive and less comfortable. It is advisable to avoid the summer months since high temperatures make the job more difficult for you and your residential movers Texas. Spring and fall months are typically the best time for relocation.

    Beat the heat

    Hot summer temperatures will make you wish you had a pool. If you can afford it, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it. But if you can’t, you can still go to Barton Springs, a popular place for public outdoor swimming. Although this pool of spring water may not be immaculately clean, it is quite affordable. There is a small fee for supervised swimming from 8 am to 8 pm and it is free for swimming in the off hours.

    Enjoy your free time to the full

    A dog lying on the floor, enjoying himself after moving to Austin
    Austin loves dogs! Your four-legged best friend will be welcome at many restaurants, bars, and patios around the city.

    Who doesn’t love live music? You can go see a show every single night at Austin’s numerous music venues. Austin is not called the “Live Music Capital of the World” for no reason. No other place in the country has more live music venues per capita. Every night, more than 100 venues offer live music performances! Moreover, Austin has a growing art scene and it’s a great city to make movies. A week-long music, art, film, and tech festival called South by Southwest (SXSW) takes place every year. Visitors from all over the globe travel to Austin for SXSW and enjoy its contagious party atmosphere.

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