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What to do with leftover moving boxes?

You moved, unpacked and now you can settle in the new home. But, the leftover moving boxes are still around and you just can't feel like home until they are out of the picture. It can be really frustrating seeing them lay around every day, but you can't just throw them away. Especially the ones that are not damaged. This means you are going to have to think of a way to use them in such a way that you don't feel like you are wasting them. There are few ways to do this and feel like you use them in the right way.

You can't use all of the leftover moving boxes

When it comes to leftover moving boxes, Some of them just can't be used again. If the box completely fell apart, got wet or is damaged by the pet, for example, you won't be able to reuse it. So, make sure to go through the boxes you own and see if there are ones you just can't use again. After you finished relocating to Texas, there might be many boxes left so make sure you use them. There are many ways to use the leftover moving boxes so take your time while inspecting them.
Leftover moving boxes- blond girl holding a moving box
Make sure you find a way to use the leftover moving boxes

What can you do with the old moving boxes?

There are many ways you can reuse the leftover moving boxes. So don't be afraid to get creative. First of all, see if there are any boxes that you would like to keep for the future moves. If they are not damaged and you think you would use them again, then don't use them for other purposes. Stack one into another and find a corner where you can keep them. For the rest, you can try:
  • Recycling the boxes
  • Giving them away
  • Selling the boxes to the moving company or online
  • Making creative Halloween costumes
  • Your pet can get a new bed, house, or a playground
  • Make a dollhouse for your child
  • Using them in the storage unit
  • Gift wrapping is a great way to use the leftover moving boxes
All of these ways are good, but making something out of the box is the best solution. Selling them is the most beneficial, but giving them away to a friend or family members might make you feel better. If you hired packing services, even better. They pack your items in the way they will be undamaged.
leftover moving boxes- a girl holding a small cardboard box
If you have a small cardboard box, you can use it for packing a gift

Recycle them and you can help the environment

You shouldn't just throw the boxes away to the first dumpster and leave them. You should find out where is the recycling center in your city and their bins and put the leftover moving boxes there. Flatten the boxes and leave them at the right place so they can be reused.

Give them to the friends

Maybe one of your friends is about to move. You can give the leftover moving boxes to them so they don't have to buy new ones. This goes for the moving boxes you saved for yourself. If you ask them to be careful while handling the boxes, you can get them back and save them again.

Sell the leftover moving boxes

You can earn some money while you are trying to use the cardboard boxes and not just throw them out.

Sell them to the moving company

Contact the moving company and ask if they would buy the boxes off of you. There are some moving companies that are willing to buy the used boxes and reuse them. Call multiple moving companies, like movers Austin. Maybe you find the one that will buy the leftover moving boxes.

Sell your leftover moving boxes online

Go online and find the online sites that are used for selling used moving boxes. Many people are looking for moving boxes that come at smaller prices and can be reused. And there are many online platforms that are about selling and reusing moving boxes, like boxcycle. It's a great way to make some money.
Cash on the table
You can earn some money by selling the moving boxes

Halloween costumes are great and you can make them out of the boxes

Moving boxes are great to use when it comes to making Halloween costumes. Your kids will have much fun making robot and dinosaur costumes from the leftover moving boxes. They will be busy for at least a couple of hours and they will feel great wearing the costumes they made.

Cats and dogs love boxes, so use that

Cats are especially known for liking boxes so you can use the leftover moving boxes to make a bed or a place to play in for your cat. Put a few boxes on top of each other or make a maze for your cat to play in and they will love it and use it for days or even months.

Dollhouse is a great way to use the leftover moving boxes too

Dollhouses can be bought in toy stores but your kids might be more interested in making ones themselves. They can cut, glue and color the dollhouse and even make people who live there and furniture from cardboard. They will be able to express their creativity this way and that is a great exercise too.
 cardboard dollhouse
Make a creative cardboard dollhouse and have a fun time with your kids while doing it

Storage unit

A storage unit is a place you can use the leftover moving boxes in more than one way. You can use them to thermally isolate the secure storage unit by tearing them apart and gluing them to the walls. You can also use them for storing items inside of the boxes. This way your storage unit won't get messy.

Wrap the gifts using leftover moving boxes

If you have smaller moving boxes, use them to pack and wrap gifts for your friends. Put the present in the box and wrap it in the colorful paper. There are some really nice looking moving boxes you can get from the moving companies that seel them. This way you can use the box and save some money on packing gifts. Moving will probably generate quite a few moving boxes that have no further use. At least not if you don't try to use them in a creative way. These are just some of the great ideas you can find for using the leftover moving boxes in a fun and creative way. Make sure you don't just throw them away. At least recycle them if you don't want to use them in another way.


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