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What to expect from your moving coordinator?

When moving to Texas, a lot of people tend to hire a moving coordinator. As much as that may seem as unnecessary to some, it is very necessary and we will later explain why. There are certain things you should expect from your moving coordinator and other things you should not. We will explain both.

Who is a moving coordinator?

The answer to this question is very quite simple. The job of a moving coordinator is to help make the moving process successful and easy. They oversee everything and take care of everything, something like a supervisor but not literally. Here is a list of things that are in their area of responsibility. They usually and mostly: 
  1. Make sure all items are properly placed inside the truck and make sure the items are not damaged in any way.
  2. Make sure your piano movers Texas handle your piano gently, along with everything else you own.
  3. Prevent any possible problems that are in their jurisdiction and inform you of other possible problems that can occur.
  4. Represent the moving company and are in contact with you regarding everything and provide you with all the info and answers you need.
  5. Handle all the paperwork and documentation.
Move-moving coordinator
A moving coordinator is somewhat of a supervisor of your relocation.

What to expect from your moving coordinator?

You can expect all of the above listed and more from your moving coordinator. They are the ones who you call if you have any additional questions or need information about the move. When contacting your moving company, you will be set with a moving coordinator. You can relax because they are the ones who make sure your items are safe during transport and the ones who will call you if something goes wrong. They are like planners who help you see your relocation though. 

What not to expect from your moving coordinator?

Even though this person is always on the line and ready to answer every question, there are certain things you should not expect from them. Blaming the coordinator for damaged caused by poor packaging is not something you should do. Calling them after the move is finished is also not something you should do. They have an area they are responsible for but nothing outside that area is their problem nor should they be blamed for it. If movers damage something, the coordinator is still not the one who should be blamed. This is because that person keeps an eye on everything but is not the person who damaged the item.
Remember, they cannot be held accountable for something that was not their responsibility.

That would be all

It is quite simple. You see, you can rely on your moving coordinator to help you and be the contact you need. On the other hand, you cannot blame them for something that was not in their power to control or prevent. We hope you and your coordinator organize a safe relocation. We wish you good luck!


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