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Evolutionary guide to moving your kitchen

Moving your kitchen to a new home is probably one of the hardest things to do. Even if you are moving to Dallas or any other city or state. No matter if you are a passionate cook who spends hours in it, or just using it to prepare simple meals during your busy working days. The packing has to be planned out to tiny details. It has the most items than any other room. Different sizes and shapes, supplies, appliances you name it. We broke it down for you in the smallest detail! Here is how to pack your kitchen without losing your nerves!

Preparation is key!

The better you plan, the easier it would be for you to pack your kitchen. Keep some essentials so before your moving day, so you will have some pots to cook and plates to eat. You should pack as much as you can the week before. In case you have too much stuff to carry with you, you should consider:
  • Finding a storage unit
  • Selling it online
  • Give the items to your friends
  • Donate it
Also, here is a list of supplies that you will need in order to safely pack your items:
  • Medium Boxes - for heavier pots and pans.
  • Large Boxes - for lightweight plastic.
  • Heavy Boxes - for silverware, glassware, and vases.
  • Bubble Wrap or Newspaper
  • Packing Tape for moving your kitchen
  • Markers and Labels
Try not to waste your food! Plan your meals ahead to minimize the amount of food that is going to be wasted! Find recipes to use the ingredients that you currently have. We know it's hard but try not to go to a grocery store!
packing supplies
You will be needing some packing supplies.

Prepare your items for packing

Besides moving your kitchen, the important thing is that you don't damage your items during this process! Use reliable packing containers. Reinforce the bottoms and corners of all cardboard boxes. Make sure that each item you are about to pack is clean and dry and this especially refers to kitchen appliances. Be sure to put the heaviest items on the bottom. Consider wrapping breakables individually which requires a lot of effort especially if you have a lot of wine glasses. That is the best way to ensure safety during transportation. Provide plenty of  ''cushions for the pushing''. Use newspaper, bubble wrap, dish towels for padding between the items in the box. Be more specific when labeling the boxes so you can speed up unpacking and organize your new kitchen easier and faster.

Packing the items for moving your kitchen

Now that you are prepared for packing here are some guidelines on how to pack specific items.
  • Drawers and shelves - This is something that you should do first! Due to the various items that are there, it is the most demanding task. Get rid of the items that you are not using. If you didn't use it in the last six months, get rid of it!
  • Dishes - Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of a box. Wrap each piece off with bubble wrap or newspaper and stack them one at a time with the largest on the bottom. Set one plate on top of the other, until you get a set of four of five plates nested in one another. Wrap the whole nested set in one more layer of wrapping and tape it.
  • Glassware - Arrange your glasses in the moving box upright, with their mouths facing downwards. Each glass item needs to be rolled individually in packing paper before it is placed in a strong cardboard box. You will need a newspaper, bubble wrap, or other material to fill the empty space in the box. Pack your glasses tightly in the box to protect them as they are transported.
  • Silverware - The best way is to sort them by type and size. Wrap a set of 5 to six spoons or forks of the same size in bubble wrap and tape it tightly. Be careful with kitchen knives, the sharp part should be in one direction. Also, be sure to use additional wrapping materials to safely pack them.
woman carrying boxes
If you don't want to carry heavy boxes you can hire a moving company to do it for you.

Pans, pots, and appliances 

Use medium size boxes and start with your biggest pan. Rotate the pans so the handle will be facing the opposite way for easier packing. Use towels or bubble wrap between the pans to avoid scratches. Also, wrap the glass lids with bubble wrap or towels and put them vertically around the sides of the box. Appliances - Small kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders, coffee makers are best packed in their original boxes. Use sturdy boxes in case you don't keep the original ones.

Large kitchen appliances

Moving your kitchen can be tough especially with larger appliances. The manuals are most reliable in how to best prepare your larger appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. It is recommended to switch the power off at least 24 hours before the move. Tape the doors to prevents them from opening during transportation. Use blankets to prevent them from scratching or other damage.

Moving your kitchen

Finding a reliable company for relocation is not an easy task! The best moving company Texas will safely move your kitchen and the rest of the furniture to your new home. Be sure to do your research in order to find a well reputable company that will fit your budget and needs. Hiring professional movers is worth it, especially when moving bulky kitchen appliances. The movers will take good care of your kitchen items and will deliver them intact to your new home. You should also look for a company that offers insurance in case your belongings get damaged. You can request from your mover to pack and unpack your appliances as well to reconnect them in your new home.
Unpack your kitchen first after moving into a new home.

Plan unpacking

The kitchen should be one of the first rooms that you will want to unpack after moving into your new place. Be sure that the kitchen appliances are taken to the right room so you can set it up as soon as possible. After moving your kitchen prepare a nice healthy meal to refuel, and enjoy your new home. You can always search for a recipe online and prepare something new in your new home.


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