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How to find a rental home in Boerne

So you've decided to move to Boerne but you've decided to rent? We at Evolution Moving have decided to help you how to find a rental home in Boerne. As we know buying a house is a commitment while renting isn't. So buying a house is a better solution if you've planning to stay. But if you plan to stay for a short period that renting is the right choice for you. You'll see it's not that difficult and its prices are quite affordable. Boerne is close to San Antonio so rental prices aren't as high as in the city. So let's dive in!

Before you start looking for a rental home create a budget

Many experts say that you should spend 30% at the max of your salary on your rent. There is also the 50-30-20 rule, 50 % is spent on your needs (home and taxes included), 30 % on wants, and 20 % on investments and savings. Now, these are all rules but you have to understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to this. So it depends upon more things, your job (salary), where you want to rent, what you expect, etc. Maybe the most important factor to consider is what do you want? Since some people would look to spend as low as 10%  to 20 % of their income while some will spend up to 50% on their rent. Now, these are the parameters that you need to determine:
  • What rental do you want?
  • Can you afford that rental?
  • Create a sustainable monthly budget
Girl holding cash in her hands, while thinking on how to find a rental home in Boerne;
Creating and sticking to a budget is one of the hardest things you'll have to do. But it's an absolute necessity.
We as one of the more reliable moving companies San Antonio TX would like to ask you to be rational. We know that budgeting is hard but if you don't do it properly that can be a huge financial problem in both the long run and short run.

Find a rental home in Boerne online

Like everything nowadays it's all online. Nowadays you can always google something like "the best rentals in Boerne" or "renting in Boerne" or whatever. But we did this for you; we checked the prices as well. We also have advice if you're planning to move to Boerne in 2022. Now let's stick with renting for now. So for 882 sq. ft. (Average Apartment Size), the rental is $1,428, which is okay since it's lower than the Texas average ($ 1,628). About 30 % of all homes in Boerne are rented while the other 70 % are occupied by the owners. Also, 67% of all rentals cost between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 while next 31% cost between $1, 5000 and $ 2, 000. Now if you're looking for something more luxurious we'd have to say that only 3% of all rentals cost over $2, 000 per month. Now if we look at the chart on many websites we can see that since 2016 prices of one-bedroom apartments have almost doubled in Boerne. While two-bedroom homes went 40% up while three-bedroom went up by 20%; four-bedroom prices fell in May this year by 20%. Now you can search for properties on some of the popular websites like, Avail, Rentometar, Craigslist, Hotpads,, Trulia, and Zillow. There are plenty more out there but these are our top pick and they're pretty popular as well as easy to use. You can also just simply use good old Google, but you'll probably land on some of these that we've mentioned already.
Man and woman seaching for something online on a laptop;
Probably most people will go looking for anything nowadays online, so rentals aren't an exception.

Find a rental home the good old fashioned way

As you know one of the ways that people "used" to do it before was finding rentals in printed media. This was and still is done mostly in local or general newspapers. There are probably some companies that offer magazines as well, but most of them also went online. This is something that may sound unfamiliar to gen Z but for most other readers, you know what we're talking about. Most newspapers include rent by owner and rent by realtor homes. But if you don't want to do it this way and you'd like to see some actual pictures or even videos use the internet since it's the center of our universe now. Also, it's less likely that you'll be scammed if you go looking online since you can see the rental. After you've acquired a feel for what's available in a certain region, hire a real estate broker or realtor to assist you in finding the greatest houses for you. Many brokers will provide this service for free, and they will be better qualified to identify a home that suits your unique requirements. To receive the most help for your circumstances, engage with a realtor that specializes in rental properties rather than house sales. Don't hire a realtor to assist you to discover a rental house unless you're uncomfortable finding properties on your own. There are many free options available, including collaborating with other realtors who will not charge you. This is our advice as one of the most popular moving companies San Antonio.
Glasses on top of the pile of newspapers;
If you still prefer looking in the newspapers there are still plenty of choices out there.

Find a rental by contacting the neighborhood association for help

This is one more "old school" tip that people used to and use today, but less often. If you've limited your search to a certain area, the neighborhood association may help you. They may know someone who will rent soon or is renting without advertising. They know the neighborhood so they'll help you more easily. If you don't know where the office is find it online. Look up the area's name online and search for "neighborhood association" or "homeowners' association" to get contact information. We as one of the more trusted moving companies Boerne would like to give you one extra tip never pay a fee upfront. Also, don't give out your credit card information until you've chosen a rental home. Now that would be it for us on this topic. These are our advice on how to find a rental home in Boerne. Have a great move!  


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