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Who doesn't like holidays, especially the ones that bring you free candy? Everybody knows that children love Halloween more than anybody else does. And, with Halloween right around the corner, you are going to have to contribute to the unforgettable holiday experience for your kids. You just moved into a new house and have some leftover moving boxes? Make awesome Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes! The kids will love them and you are going to have less decluttering to do. It's a win-win situation for both the kids and you. Moving into a new neighborhood is great and Halloween is one of those holidays that allows you to meet the neighbors and make some friends.

You are lucky to have a Halloween celebration if you moved to a new city

So you just moved in, you are in love with your new neighborhood and you and your children could really use some new friends. If you are relocating to Texas, you should know that family life is really important to people here. And Halloween is one of the holidays that really brings a family close together. They bring new friends as well. So make sure you and your children have amazing costumes this year since you are more likely to have people notice you if you tried hard. They will know to appreciate it.
Children in Halloween costumes
Texas is very family-oriented so you have good chances of getting new friends here

What are you going to need so you can make a perfect Halloween costume from leftover moving boxes?

The move is over, with the help of the best movers Austin has to offer, you unloaded the truck, unpacked the boxes and made yourself feel like home. And the boxes stayed for a while. Now the Halloween is around the corner and you have an opportunity to use them for your costumes. Other then these boxes, you are going to need:
  • Some ducktape so you can put together awesome Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes
  • Watercolors so you can paint the costumes
  • Scissors will help you make more likable shapes
  • You can get glitter and some other fabrics and decorating paper for making the costumes even prettier
  • Makeup will help you paint your faces so the costumes are complete
Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes- scissors, markers, watercolors, and crayons
Make sure to get all the equipment you need to make awesome costumes
Once you gather all the supplies you need, get your family together and work together as well to make great costumes. Make sure you help each other since these kinds of activities are great for family bonding. Parents should wear costumes as well, not just the kids.

What kind of costumes are you looking for?

Since the whole family should work together on this task, you should decide if all of you are going to wear similar costumes so there is a theme or everybody are going to have a separate costume. If you have old boxes, that is ok, but if you got new moving boxes from your moving company, that is even better since they must be in much better shape.

One theme for the whole family is great if you want to make Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes

There are plenty of Halloween costume themes you can use so the entire family is dressed to represent a certain thing. It could be a family from the movie, cartoon, or maybe dolls or toys. We made a list of the most simple family-oriented costumes for all of you.
Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes- a boy getting his face painted
Halloween can be helpful when it comes to getting new friends for your kids
If you moved locally with the help of our movers, you and the kids have friends nearby so you could all dress in a way that you represent one whole costume.

A family of robots

This is a great costume since it does not require too much work and it still looks pretty fun. After all, when someone says robots, you think of a bunch of moving squares on top of each other. Every member of the family should get one or two boxes, depending od the look you are after. One box goes on the stomach and the other one on your head, with a hole for your face. Make sure you paint the boxes silver and your arms and legs could be covered with aluminum foil. Paint the face silver as well and make sure to draw buttons and some wires on the boxes. There you go, a family of robots is ready to get the candy.

Barbie, Ken and the family make awesome Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes

Mom should wear a pink outfit and get the makeup and hair looking nice. Dad should make his hair look like Kens and dress nicely. Kids should try to look like mom and dad. Once you are done, cut the boxes so you can make one tall but not that wide box you can fit in and paint them pink. If you moved your flat-screen TV, you should have boxes like that. On the front side, there should be Barbie written on a piece of cardboard. Make sure it looks like the Barbie logo. Everybody else should do the same. You will look great.

Costumes for the kids

Maybe you had to work a bit late and didn't manage to make your costume, or maybe you are just not into it, but here are some ideas to make just the children's costumes.
Father and son in a field of pumpkins
Both boys and girls love Halloween, so make  sure you contribute as much as you can


Boys love dinosaurs and the boxes can be great for getting rid of unwanted boxes. It is one of the awesome Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes. Place one box around the child's stomach and the other over his head. Make a hole for the face. Paint the boxes green and draw the reptile skin. Make fangs and claws on the hands using cardboard. The boys will love it.

The unicorn rider

Girls are just crazy about the unicorns. This costume will be the number one favorite with them. One box goes around the girl's hips. The other box goes in front of her stomach. That box is the head. Put a cardboard horn on it and paint it white. Then get all the pink stickers and glitter you have and decorate it together. Your girl will just love it. Halloween is a great holiday and there are many opportunities for families to bond over it. Making Halloween costumes from leftover moving boxes is a lot of fun for the kids so make sure to help them enjoy it as much as you can. And get some photos, you will love these memories too.


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