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    Texas Housing - November 5, 2018

    There is a lot of information that ambitious potential residents need to know before moving to Houston. With so many reasons to move to Texas, it is estimated that approximately 275 new people move to Houston daily. It is easy to get into this hype, not knowing how the transition to such a large metropolitan could affect your life.

    Moving to Houston, Texas is a hot topic that weighs in heavily with the pros and cons. And trust us when we say that there are many factors to consider. Pro: labor market. Con: transition to extreme and difficult weather.

    Houston skyline - one of the many perks of moving to Houston
    If the list of pros and cons of moving to Houston was so simple

    We came up with some of the top reasons to move to Houston, based on some of the city’s most profitable profiles. And just so that you have a complete picture, we will also discuss some of the shortcomings if you decide to move here. Already decided to move to Houston? Get ahead, with some long distance moving tips.

    1. Accommodation in Houston is more accessible than in other major metropolitans

    All things considered, the cost of living in Houston is reasonable, but it varies depending on several factors. There are relatively simple ways to make life in Houston more accessible. For example, living near your work will not only shorten the commute but also save you some money on gas and car repairs. The choice of renting an apartment in the neighboring area will be much more affordable than choosing a larger single-family house in a well-established community.

    Compared to other cities with similar offers, Houston is actually a bit cheaper, which is a huge plus. If you want to compare the cost of living in Houston and Chicago, you would find life in Houston more affordable on all accounts, but not by a lot. Overall, Houston is 8% cheaper than Chicago. Moreover, consider that the cost of living in Houston is 13% cheaper than in Austin Texas, which may affect why some residents end up choosing Houston as their city in Texas.

    The cost of living – pros:

    1. Housing prices are cheaper than in Austin
    2. Energy costs are competitive due to fewer rules than other states
    3. There is no state income tax

    The cost of living – cons:

    1. The housing market in Houston is more expensive than in Dallas
    2. You can pay more for insurance in Houston
    3. There are relatively higher taxes on real estate in Houston and sales tax of more than 8%

    2. The population in Houston is flourishing thanks to the labor market

    In Houston, the labor market is rapidly developing, which over the past decade has turned many executives into Houston. And since there are laws on free zoning, enterprises have the opportunity to open a store throughout the city. This means that you can find a skyscraper next to mom’s bakery and pop music shop. Business is welcome, which is manifested in the fact that many leading companies are headquartered in Houston.

    Houston buildings
    No city has an ideal economy, but Houston can be a great respite if you have struggled to find a decently paid job elsewhere.

    A growing economy feeds on the overall positive atmosphere throughout, which affects a more positive quality of life. If the economy is better, the fewer people have to worry about job security and being able to keep the lights on.

    3. You can bring your car when moving to Houston

    Although this reason for moving to Houston is disguised as a pro, for many it is a con. The fact is that owning a car is very welcome because Houston is not a very walkable city. Perhaps this is due to the fact that rapid growth was established before the proper infrastructure was created to house all of these additional people and buildings.

    Despite the city’s efforts to solve the problem, one of Houston’s most significant drawbacks is dim public transportation and long commuting times. Having a car with a decent stereo and a working air conditioner will help. But, do your best to find a home near your work if you want to cut your commute time. In addition, try to find a job with flexible working hours. This way you can quickly avoid the rush hour.

    4. Students have access to all big universities in Texas

    Depending on where you decide to live in the Houston metro, there are various school districts to investigate. The Houston Independent School District is one of the largest. In fact, HISD is the largest in the state of Texas and operates 283 schools. The larger the area, the more resources available to students. In fact, HISD has earned many awards and was awarded the US News Best High School report due to their aggressive expansion of the AP program.

    While your primary education will be limited to schools located in the Houston area, secondary education for students is sufficient due to a large number of higher universities in the state. College students and residents of Houston will have the opportunity of all colleges in Texas. And will be entitled to a significant discount on the course in the state.

    5. Houston has a lot of things you can do

    Life in Houston, Texas is a unique combination of Texas traditions and a more modern lifestyle in the city. What makes Houston the perfect place to live is all the different places to go and what to see. Many of those things you will not find in other cities.

    6. Being on the street in Houston is nice most of the year.

    This moving guide would not be complete without a mention of the weather and quality of life in Houston. In the big picture, the weather in Houston is beautiful. And spending the day outside with a light jacket in mid-January is not unusual. However, there are some factors related to the weather.

    First, it often rains in Houston, more than in other cities in Texas. Although rain can last no more than an hour, daily rainfall is common. In addition, at the height of summer, there may be a problem with high temperature and humidity. With this weather, some extreme mosquitoes and other insects appear.

    Park in Houston
    But, the weather after moving to Houston can be quite enjoyable

    If you are ready to disregard those small cons, then moving to Houston is the right choice for you. Now, all you have to do is to hire a professional moving company to handle your move. If you make that decision, Evolution Moving Company is at your disposal.

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