Serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself

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    Hiring Moving Experts - June 6, 2019

    Making a mistake is bad. But making it in one of the most difficult transitional periods in your life is even worse. Even small innocent mistakes due to negligence or lack of knowledge can sometimes be much more expensive. And all that simply because the circumstances that led to wrong assumptions or serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself are special. Just as unique as the move itself.

    Perhaps the biggest mistake in the independent movement is to underestimate the level of complexity of your move. Too many influential factors and unknowns are involved in moving to Dallas. So much so that they can easily dissuade you from trying to move independently.

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    But do not worry, because we have some tips on how to avoid the most common serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself!

    Take a close look at the seven most common serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself that should be avoided when moving independently. And prepare yourself for a smooth move.

    7 common serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself

    1. Suppose that independent moves are always cheaper than hiring a professional

    Many home movers believe that organizing self-relocation is less expensive than hiring one of the professional moving companies Seguin TX to perform the most difficult tasks. But while this general belief in favor of self-relocation tends to be true under certain circumstances, anyone who is sure that he can complete his journey successfully should not forget about the hidden costs of moving on your own.

    It would be a definite mistake not to take into account their significant role in shaping your self-moving budget. Therefore, whenever you encounter a genuinely mysterious dilemma: move independently or hire professional movers, do not make a common mistake when moving: not include the following hidden costs of independent move: moving supplies, additional insurance when moving, road fees and taxes, fuel, food and lodging on the road, possible fuel surcharges and cleaning fees. Also, you should never exclude the less likely, but still possible costs, such as property damage and personal injury. You should add to that the mechanical damage or traffic accidents while driving a large rented truck to your new home.

    Therefore, having considered all often forgotten costs of moving independently, in the end, it may turn out that you did not save money on a move. Or even worse – you have lost money because of bad judgment.

    2. To underestimate the time required for the organization of self-relocation

    Unfortunately, time will turn into your sworn enemy as soon as you decide to move without any professional help. Usually, due to the inadequate experience of moving and more often due to the improper organization of the move, it is challenging for most home movers to take care of all the tasks before they are forced to leave home. Interestingly, a number of unsuccessful attempts to move into a house can result from an underestimation of the amount of time needed to plan and execute a smooth movement. “I still have a lot of time before the move – it’s still too early to start preparing.” Keep in mind that such self-confident delusions can actually reduce the chances of a relatively successful move to the house.

    Calendar with deadline
    When it comes to moving, time is indeed your biggest enemy

    Avoid one of the most common serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself by creating a moving calendar as early as possible. Without a doubt, such a personal schedule will be your best weapon to match your enemy. And emerge victorious from this race with a clock. Collect all the tasks in front of you, in one place. Distribute the moving tasks in a controlled manner until the day of your departure. And then define your priorities so that you complete the most important of them, even if you are behind schedule.

    3. Rent a moving truck of the wrong size

    If you are unable to secure a pickup or other suitable moving vehicle from your good friend, the next important task of your adventure is to rent a moving truck of the right size. In fact, it is this step that is crucial for the ultimate success of your move.

    Choose a car with less storage space, and you may have to either make several trips to your new home and back or rent a larger car. Both options are pretty bad financially. On the other hand, if you choose a much larger truck, you will end up paying more for extra storage that you don’t really need. Or even risk damaging your goods on the road if they are not securely fixed. While both scenarios for renting trucks may unnecessarily burden your budget for independent travel, it is always better to rent a car with more capacity than to leave some household items behind.

    To avoid DIY moving mistakes when choosing a moving vehicle, contact qualified specialists of reputable truck rental companies before making a decision.

    4. Assume that you were born with expert packing skills

    Packing the whole house for the move – this is not a child’s game at all. It is a difficult process that, as a rule, takes more time and energy than planned and expected. In an effort to save money, most people prefer to pack all household items in cardboard boxes on their own. But sometimes the packers themselves are not familiar with some of the fundamental rules when packing. In that case, the entire packing operation can be a huge waste of their time and effort.

    Moving box
    Believe it or not, professional packers can do it much better

    5. To think that the safety of moving a house is extremely overrated

    In fact, skipping effective self-protection is among the main serious DIY mistakes when moving by yourself. Unlike professional movers, DIY movers do not always know what specific steps to take to guarantee their safety. And the safety of everyone who participates in the home moving. You should never turn away from safety when moving to another city on your own. Stay safe and conduct your DIY move problem-free.

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