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Preparing for relocation is tiring! Even though there are some things that are easy, packing breakable items is not one of them. If you do one wrong move, you may end up with a lot of shattered pieces. This is why we wrote a guide you can follow. Continue reading and you will know how to pack your glassware like a pro and never worry about them during the transportation!

Pack your glassware like a pro with the right packing supplies

If you wish to pack your glassware like a pro, you need to start with the basics! Which means you need to collect all the packing materials needed for this. Most of the time people use items they already have at home, but for some serious packing, you will have to buy them. Usually, you can find them at home depot or get them directly from your movers! When it comes to packing glass, you will need:
  • Old fabrics you can use as wrapping materials! This will surely make you pack your glassware like a pro. Try to get old towels, blankets, t-shirts, pillow cases, etc. As they are perfect for these types of packing.
  • Packing peanuts, sponges, and paper – They are perfect as paddings and materials you can use to fill the oddly shaped empty spaces in moving boxes.
  • Packing tape and duct tape! This is something you will have to get! Because it will allow you to further protect your items during transportation.
These are just some of the basic packing materials you need to get in order to pack your glassware like a pro. But, if you are not certain about your packing skills, you can always ask for packing services New Braunfels from your moving and packing company!
Cartoon movers show how to pack glassware like a pro
To pack your glassware like a pro gather all the packing materials first

Long and short distance relocation requires different techniques

You are probably wondering why this is important. Well, there are numerous reasons why they differ so much. First, of, short distance relocations don’t require that much preparation. Meaning, you can make multiple trips to your new home. This will leave you with enough empty space in your car, van or truck. Your glassware won’t suffer the risk from falling down during the long distance relocations! On the other hand, long-distance relocations can cause some difficulties. For example, things can tumble down and damage your glassware. Also, because it is a long distance moving, you will not have the benefit of having multiple trips. You will have to pack your glassware like a pro in order to avoid possible damages. Long distance relocations can be tiring and exhausting, so you need to get well prepared for it. Especially if you are planning on moving to Fort Worth anytime soon!
An transparent kettle
Based on the distance you may have to pack your glassware better

Pack your plates vertically

Big plates and other china can easily break during transportation. First, wrap the wet paper around them. This will provide you with a lot of additional protection. And then store plates vertically in moving boxes. This will surely prevent them from breaking while being transported. If you stockpile them, you risk a major accident and a lot of broken plates. If something like that happens, you can easily hurt yourself and damage the surrounding items in the moving van. Those injuries can be hard to heal. It is for the best to know how to stop bleeding from cuts just in case something like that happens
Stacked plates
Never pack your plates horizontal

Use paper as wrapping material

Paper provides excellent protection during transportation. One thing you can do in order to fully protect your glassware is to wet the paper. Wet paper is easy to wrap around the glassware. Simply because it takes the form of the item. All the while fully protecting it from damages. Also, if you have vases, bottles, pack them separately. They will maintain their stability and won’t bang on each other during transportation. The main issue people have when relocating to a new home is transporting chandeliers. They are very hard to dismount and properly pack. Which is why it is a good idea to know how to handle chandeliers when moving. Knowing this can save you a  lot of trouble and money as well!
Stacked newspapers
Old newspapers are excellent wrapping material

Packing frames and mirrors

As with every breakable item, you will need to pack them vertically as well. Picture frames and mirrors are easier to pack, but that doesn’t mean they can’t break as well. If you are packing mirrors, you need to put a huge mark over them with the duct tape. In case the mirror or the glass on the picture breaks, the duct tape will hold the pieces together. That way they won’t shatter around the moving box and the van For more tips on how to prepare mirrors for relocation, you can always check the internet.
Mirror and a picture frame on the wall
be extra careful when packing mirrors and frames

Staying safe

If you want to pack your glassware like a pro, then you need to protect yourself as the pros do. Fully cover yourself in some regular clothing and don’t let your bare skin show when packing glassware. This is your first line of defense in case something breaks and shatters around. Second, it is not a bad idea to have protective goggles. They will provide you with good protection against glass shards that might hit you. And in the ned, always carry gloves with you! They are the best way to avoid getting cut when packing breakable items. These are just easy ways you can protect yourself from moving injuries. We hope that after reading this article you will know how to pack your glassware like a pro! In the end, it is quite simple and easy! If you follow our guide through, you won’t have any problems at all! If you wish to add something to our guide, you can leave us your comment!


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