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    Moving Preparation - May 4, 2020

    No matter what state you come from and how many times you have visited Fort Worth, TX, moving to Fort Worth will be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be hard or sad, but it certainly is a challenge. Since you probably don’t know exactly what you are getting yourself into, we’re here to help you out. We would like to share a few things for everyone that is moving to Fort Worth should know.

    We’ll take a look at:

    • way of moving
    • protecting your instrument during transportation
    • Good places to live
    •  How to make moving to Fort Worth easier
    • What you can do for a living
    • The cost of living
    • Driving in Fort Worth
    • Fort Worth weather
    • Popular attractions

    Moving to Fort Worth with a reliable moving company

    Now that you have found your new home in Fort Worth (or at least temporary accommodation) you can start making plans on how to get your belongings there. One option is renting a truck and asking friends and family for help. But that works better in case of local moves. Long-distance relocation requires more skill.

    And now that you have found your new home in Fort Worth, you can start making plans on how to get your belongings there. If your destination is Fort Worth, Texas, you should know that you have made a great choice! Your family will be most grateful for making it. But, you cannot move on your own. Because you don’t have the skills and experience to move by yourself. That is why moving to Texas should be done in a professional way, without possible damages to your belongings or any other problems. So, rely on your experienced movers, that will do a much better job.

    Therefore, look for reputable, licensed movers, capable of assisting you every step of the way. Also, we strongly recommend letting them pack your fragile belongings. The rest you can pack yourself if your budget does not allow otherwise. Additionally, the movers should give you the option of using their packing materials, suitable for moving long distances. Relocating to Fort Worth will be done in an economic and effective way if you do as we say.

    To get an idea of the container shipping costs, note that shipping a container from NYC to Fort Worth costs $364+, while shipping from Los Angeles to Fort Worth costs $392+.

    -moving to Fort Worth
    Moving to Fort Worth will be done successfully if you arrange professional moving services.

    Protect fragile instruments during relocation

    Well, moving is one thing. But, moving with an instrument is another. Because moving a fragile instrument like a piano, for example, demands specific skills and experience. If you are moving to Fort Worth, arrange services of the best piano movers Texas because only with their help you will have a safe relocation. Well, reliable movers have those skills and sufficient experience to relocate your instrument without any scratch.

    That is why it is so important to trust the right movers. Instruments have great emotional value, and they can be very expensive at the same time. Therefore, don’t risk by moving it on your own and contact true experts in moving which can assist you to relocate it without any damages.

    - a piano
    When you are moving your instrument, you need a professional team to prepare it for moving if you want to avoid possible damages.

    Where to look for a new home

    Fort worth has nice neighborhoods to live in. When your trustworthy moving crew asks you “whereto”, you’ll need to give them an address. If you prefer that small-town feel, don’t be discouraged by the fact that Fort Worth is among the country’s top 25 most populated cities. Its neighborhoods possess a small-town charm and laid back atmosphere. In addition, residential neighborhoods have low crime rates, which is always important for new residents. There are plenty of family homes, apartments, townhouses, and even ranches you can choose from.

    The best neighborhoods to live after moving to Fort Worth are:

    • Arlington Heights
    • Mira Vista
    • Tcu-West Cliff
    • Fairmount
    • Downtown
    • Cultural District

    Seeking employment in Fort Worth

    Well, after you relocate to Fort Worth you will need to find a job, except if you don’t relocate your office to Fort Worth as well. You should know that a lot of people move to this city because of work. Fort Worth has a low unemployment rate, which means your chances of finding a job soon look pretty good. Although we recommend getting a job first, and then moving to Fort Worth, some people do the opposite and succeed.

    So, you can look for a job in IT, airlines, healthcare, education, service industry, and many other fields. Also, the aerospace industry is what this city is known for. But, the highest paying professions belong to the health sector. XTO Energy, American Airlines, BNSF Railway, and many other establishments always need talented employees. In addition, numerous small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) can be found in this city. And that would be an ideal place to start working. Because you can gain new skills and experience which will be useful to you afterward.

    A one-dollar bill
    In Fort Worth, you won’t need a huge salary to have a normal lifestyle.

    How much does it cost to live in Fort Worth?


    Let’s see how much will it cost living in Fort Worth. Well, the cost of living here is 14% below the US average. Both buying and renting a property here is more affordable compared to other major cities in Texas. Rental prices for a 1 bedroom apartment in the City Centre start at around $650, and $500 for a location outside the City Centre. If you’re looking to buy, a square meter (10.7 square feet) will cost you around $1,812 in City Centre and $1,295 outside the Centre. And we recommend living out of the center because you can get more space at a lower price. There you can have more peace and quiet to raise your family.


    Many restaurants in Fort Worth are relatively cheap, but you can also find affordable specials in fine dining restaurants on certain days of the week. And when you have a family, that is a good opportunity to look for. You can buy groceries at numerous farmers’ markets, organic food shops, independent grocery stores, as well as the usual supermarket chains. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs $10 – $15, including a drink. A loaf of bread is $1.10 – $2.76, takeout coffee is $3.00 – $5.00, while a bottle of Coke costs $1.20 – $2.50. So, you can make a family “go out”day and spend it eating a nice meal at a good price and in laughter.

    Public transportation

    You can get in and out of Fort Worth easily using buses and commuter trains. The last bus goes at midnight, every day except on Sundays when it goes at 10 pm. A single bus ticket for an adult costs $1.75. A monthly season ticket, unlimited is $90, while a one day ticket is $3.50. So, we recommend if you don’t have a car, try with public transportation, because buses and commuter trains are frequent and punctual. And you can get wherever you want safely.

    A young female doctor with a stethoscope
    Healthcare and utilities are also budget-friendly in Fort Worth.

    Driving after moving to Fort Worth

    In Fort Worth, most people commute to work using their own vehicles. Rush hour traffic jams do occur, however, they are not as bad as the ones in Dallas. Those who are moving to Fort Worth from another state can keep their current license. And those are the good news!  Because you don’t need to pass the driving test again and learn another regulation. Just make sure to update your address.

    Local and state taxes, license, title, and registration fees cost $665 per year, on average. And that is not expensive, comparing the prices in another state.  But, arrange professional moving services first, in order to relocate your vehicle safely to Fort Worth. And, you will have a chance to drive your own vehicle again.

    Expect warm, sunny weather

    If you’re coming from a cold state, the weather should be among your top reasons for moving to Texas. You should know that the city gets an average of 229 sunny days per year! Wow, for sun lovers that is wonderful! The summers can be pretty hot, while the rest of the year is mild and pleasant. In the summer, the average high is over 95 degrees. On the other hand, winter temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees, with little snow in some places. And we shall all agree that those are nice, pleasant weather conditions. Your kids will love it! Because it will be warm and sunny during the year and they will get to see some snow in the winter.

    There’s entertainment, too

    The city has a lot to offer entertainment-wise. There are ballets, symphonies, operas, art museums, and popular concert venues. Going to Stockyards National Historic District or Sundance Square, located in the city’s downtown area, will make you feel like a time traveler visiting the Old West.

    A cowboy on a horse and a lot of bulls following them - the type of entertainment you can enjoy after moving to Fort Worth
    The residents of “Cowtown” can enjoy the old cowboy culture with a modern twist.

    We also highly recommend the relaxing Fort Worth Water Gardensthe Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, the Fort Worth Zoo, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and the Fort Worth Bass Performance Hall.

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