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How to pack your liquids for moving – tips and tricks

Packing your belongings while relocating to Texas is probably one of the biggest challenges. Everything becomes even more complicated if you are thinking about moving liquid objects. Weakly protected liquid objects can cause a real mess and potentially damage all other objects that you are moving. To avoid this scenario, this article will offer some tips that you might find useful. Here you will find some tips on how to pack your liquids for moving. Proper packing will save you time and money, and, of course, your liquids.

Preparing for the move

The moving process is a great exercise that contains many different tasks that need to be completed. For some of them, you may need a little more time. But when it comes to moving, there is nothing more important than packing things properly with all the attention to your things. Making a list of moving tasks is the best way to plan and organize your move. In addition to packing, the most important task on this list should be finding reliable full-service movers.
Mover driving a moving truck
An important part of your relocation process is hiring a professional relocation company
Providing professional services is a guaranteed way to move stress-free. Money is usually a deal-breaker, especially in cases where the amounts are significant, for example, the cost of moving and settling. Therefore, we advise you to choose one of the companies offering cheap movers Austin, not only those that have the lowest prices. Choose one that can provide good services at reasonable and affordable prices. Some of them may also provide packing services, so you don’t have to worry about how to pack your liquids for moving.

Take an inventory

The first thing you will need to do before you pack your liquids for moving is to take an inventory of them.  It will help you more easily determine what you can pack and what has to go. So, start by going to the bathroom, kitchen, and storage space and looking for liquids. There are lots of different kinds of liquids and you most likely won't be moving everything with you.
Person writing in a notebook
Before packing your liquids for moving, create an inventory.
Every liquid has the potential to damage your items during transportation. This even includes water because it can degrade moving boxes and break them. You will need to figure out what liquids you are working with. Also, you'll need to figure out how easily you can seal them. This is going to help you decide how many packing materials you will need. However, there are some liquids movers Cedar Park TX won't accept transporting.  And even if you have rented a truck. you won't be able to move them. A general rule of thumb is that if it is flammable, corrosive, explosive, or highly toxic, you will have to get rid of it before moving day arrives.

Sorting liquids that should and should not be moved

First of all, sort the liquids before packing them. Your family may have many items that you no longer use, such as old cosmetics. Some of them are not worth packing and transporting. Since you can always just buy them after moving and, therefore, avoid additional transport costs. Also, note the fact that most moving companies have lists of prohibited items. These are liquids such as explosives, flammable gases, corrosive materials, and toxic substances. Most of them you will have to carry with you privately, so it may be most convenient to throw them away before moving, rather than moving them at all. This list usually contains aerosol cans, ammonia, lighter fluid, bleach, cleaning solvents, propane containers, weed control products, kerosene, pesticides, etc.

Get rid of fluids by thinking green

The disposal of certain liquid items will not only effectively reduce transportation costs. But it will also provide greater security for other items that will be moved to your new home. Some of the unopen cosmetic items or personal care products you can donate to charity. For other hazardous items, you must keep track of how you dispose of them. Thinking about our environment should always be an important part of everyday life. Make sure your move is environmentally friendly, paying attention to what you can reuse, recycle or donate. If you decide to throw away some of your items, find out how to properly dispose of unnecessary liquids. Typically, these are chemicals, medicines, cleaning products, etc. Do not flush them, do not throw them away, or pour them into the sewers.

Gathering the packing materials

Make sure to get all the needed packing materials for your liquids before the moving day. The supplies will keep the containers from breaking as well as prevent spills from ruining your other belongings during the relocation. You will need to get plastic containers alongside materials to cushion them such as bubble wrap or packing paper. However, you can also use your old T-shirts as well. So think twice before donating them because you can reuse them for packing your liquids for moving. And remember, professional packers have all the right materials, but so could you.
Moving boxes for liquids for moving
Make sure to have all the needed packing supplies such as plastic containers, bubble wrap, and packing paper.

Tips to help you pack your liquids for moving

All other liquids that you decide to bring with you must be properly packed. Unlike other items, as we mentioned before, for liquids, you will need different types of packing materials, boxes, and containers. You should consider moving companies where you can find good moving boxes Texas. Not only for accessories and boxes but also for professional packing of all items. If you prefer to do this on your own, in part of this article below you can find tips on packing liquids to move.

Tighten the lids when packing your liquids

You will have to make sure that all lids are tightened when you pack your liquids for moving. If you are unsure if the top is loose or if the seal won't hold, there are a couple of other tricks you can use. Apply some packing tape to tighten the seal. Tape it with a piece of tape so the seal is secure. You can reinforce the seal further if you think that isn't enough. Remove the top and put plastic wrap on the opening. After you do that, put the seal back on. Then put the seal back on. This will be enough to stop the liquid from leaking in most cases. However, it is very important to tighten your liquids as much as you can in extreme weather.

Pack smaller items first

Smaller liquid bottles, such as cosmetic liquids, nail polishes, perfume bottles, etc., are first packed in small boxes. Place all of these smaller boxes in large boxes so that they do not crush or damage during the move. You can also put a bubble pack in the free space between the boxes.
Couple packing moving boxes
Put small battles in boxes and then place all of these smaller boxes in large boxes.

Pack the liquids together

What is the best way to keep your possessions safe while moving them with liquids? Don’t give them an opportunity to. Movers South Austin recommends packing liquids together. When you pack your liquids together, everything will be equally contained. And even if there's a spill, it won't cause much damage to your other belongings. Pack the liquids by type in order to reduce the risk. Store cosmetics and toiletries in one box and kitchen liquids like sauces and oil in another. Since you have already sorted the liquids while making an inventory, this shouldn't be too difficult.

Cushion the bottles

When moving liquids like wine and other drinks, you will probably put a couple of bottles in a single box.  So in order to correctly pack your liquids for moving, you will have to cushion them. This way they won't end up damaged during transportation or when loading the moving truck. If you have any extra T-shirts you don't need, use them to wrap bottles. Also, you can use spare pieces of cardboard or moving blankets to wrap them in. But it is very important to ensure bottles don't move or collide with each other.

Label everything

Liquids are fragile so make sure to label them as such. This will make sure that the plastic containers or boxes are packed properly for moving. Also, labeling will make your life easier when you are unpacking your items because you won't have to look for things such as cleaning supplies, conditioner, and shampoo. You will most likely need all of these items during your first day and the night after the moving day. So to label everything correctly, you will want to write "Fragile" and "Liquids. Also, be sure to write the contents of the box on it. When it comes to unpacking your liquids, open the boxes or plastic containers on a flat surface carefully. Even after packing your liquids safely, they have probably shifted and moved around a bit.
labeling and packing liquids for moving
Label the boxes and plastic containers you are packing your liquids in with "Fragile" and "Liquids".

Here are steps on how to properly pack your liquids for moving

Use a plastic container to transport chemicals

North Austin movers suggest you use plastic containers to pack your liquids for moving. Unlike cardboard moving boxes, you won't have to worry if something spills in a moving container. Even if it does, it won't leak onto your other belongings. Plastic will ensure that any liquids that get spilled stay completely contained. Additionally, you can clean and reuse plastic containers even if something happens during the move. The chances are high that something spoils other boxes you are moving alongside your liquids. there is a high chance that it will spoil other boxes you move. Line the containers using plastic bags for extra protection against any unexpected leaks. Correctly place containers with liquids. Make sure that all contents are packed with bottle caps and are close to each other. You can use spare paper or towels to fill the free space between the containers.

Placing and arranging

Put liquid containers in a Ziplock bag that is resealable for additional protection against spills. After you do that, seal the Ziplock bag. Do this whether the container's been opened before or not. If there is enough space, you can store a couple of containers in a single Ziploc bag. But make sure to store them in an upright position. After sealing and storing your liquids in Ziploc bags, arrange them in a way so they stay in an upright position at all times. Also, be sure to keep them close together. To make sure those containers don’t shift during transport, fill up the open spaces between them with crumpled paper – newspapers work fine.
Perfume bottle
Use Ziploc bags as an extra layer of protection for your liquids.

Additional tips for packing liquids for moving

  • If you have any half-filled bottles of cosmetic products, use them up. Or you can throw it away any remaining small amounts of liquids. There is no point in moving bottles that are almost empty. 
  • As an extra protection layer against spills lines the plastic bins with garbage bags. Garbage bags are cheap which means you won't have to worry about spending more money here.
  • Movers Round Rock TX recommends you take off the top from every container that has already been opened. Then cover the opening using plastic wrap. Put the cap back on the plastic container. Tighten it and add some packing tape for additional protection.
When you try to pack your liquids for moving, that is definitely not the funniest moving element. This can take a lot of time and cause additional stress when thinking about whether all packed liquids are in the same condition as before the move. We believe that this article will be useful to all those who insist on packing and handling liquids. We wish you a great new start.


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