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How to include your kids in the packing process

Moving with a family is so much more fun than moving by yourself. But yes, it can be harder, too. Or, at least, more challenging. You will have a lot to do, and a lot of decisions to make. And the meantime, you most probably have to continue with your life, your work, and all family matters. On top of it all, some big emotions can occur to all family members. So, take this advice to your heart: get yourself some help in relocation. A really smart thing will be to find one of the moving companies in Texas and that alone will lift some of the weight from your shoulders. And another thing you should do is to include your kids in the packing process.

When you move with family you should get help from your movers

If you have some friends who moved recently, you can ask them for a recommendation on the moving company they’ve chosen. And truthfully, that could save you a lot of time. But since that is often not the case, you should do the research. If you are moving from New Braunfels, you should look for some moving services New Braunfels located. There are a lot of advantages to choosing a company from your hometown.
moving company men
Get help from your movers.
You can easily go to their office for an initial interview and ask them all you want to know. Tell them honestly all that worries you. Ask them for the equipment they use and maybe even certificates that their team has. You want to have someone who is experienced by your side. If that is the case, you can even get some extra advice from them, like how to help your kids adapt after moving. The last thing you want is to deal with some amateurs, who are not able to all situations that can occur during the move.


Packing really is an essential part of your move. It is a thing you will have to do unless you choose to leave it to your movers. If you have a tight timeline, or just don’t know how to handle it, find movers who offer packing services New Braunfels based. They will do all the work with ease. And you can sleep calmly knowing that your possessions will come safely to the new destination. We do hope that by now you realized that it can be crucial for you to get help. And that means any help possible. If your children are not babies, you can include your kids in the packing process. Even more, you should do that. Moving is a family thing. And they will feel like an important part of this whole change. Their help will save you some time that you can use smartly and on the things they couldn’t do.

How to include your kids in the packing process

If you don’t have your kids on board with the moving process, giving them assignments can change the whole picture. They love to feel important and valued. This is not the time to be bossy, but rather to ask for their help. You can start by kindly asking them to pack their own things. This is a safe thing to do even if they are little ones. Even more, you can make a game out of it. As you probably know, kids love the games. So you can put some great music on and make a packing party. Or a little competition if that works for them.
include your kids in the packing process
There are ways to include your kids in the packing process.
Before you start this party, you must order some packing material. Start with cardboard boxes, tapes, and bubble wraps. Give them different sizes of boxes and help them decide here to pack what kind of stuff. They can start with their toys, and continue with clothes and shoes, and also school materials. One by one, they will pack all their things and you will see how content they are and how much help you’ve got from them. Be generous with encouragement and kind words. They will pay off big time.

Games, games, games

You can make it all even more fun if you have the time and energy to do so. Hide little surprises for them in their room. The small things will work for this just fine. It can be stickers or some candy. They should locate them by picking one item at a time. This will motivate them to be even faster and will bring more joy into the whole thing.
If you make it fun, kids will be glad to help you.
Another great way to make this enjoyable is to organize a little scavenger hunt for them. Hide some clues around your home or just in one room. Explain to them that they should try to find and follow the clues that will tell them which items should pack next. Each time they put one kind of item in a box, it will lead them to the next one. And before you know it, all their things will be packed just fine.

Let them pack their own essentials

Explain to your kids what should be in their essentials bag and how to pack it. And let them choose what is important for them to have by their side during the move. If your kids tend to pack too many things, give them a bag and tell them to fill it but that they won’t get another one for this matter. You can challenge them to pack all they need in there.

Did we help you with some ideas on how to include your kids in the packing process?

We really tried to help you get some ideas on how to include your kids in the packing process. Once you start with it, you will probably get more and more creative and your leaving New Braunfels home will be a joy. Trust your gut. After all, no one knows your kids better and can’t tell you what works for them. Those ideas were just for an initial push to help you find your flow with them in this challenging time.


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