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Packing fragile items- tips and tricks

Packing fragile items is stressful even before you begin doing it. It doesn't matter if you are moving close to your current home or far away. Only thinking about what could go wrong can give you a headache. There is a possibility of your items being damaged even before you start moving, so the main goal is to pack them in such a way, that they won't suffer any damage whatsoever.

You will need to prepare for packing fragile items

It is not an easy job. You should take the time to pack the fragile items, so you can make sure you did a good job and that everything is secured. This means you'll need to plan in advance and get organized. You should put all fragile items in one room where you can pack them without being disturbed. If you have children, make sure they don't get in your way because something might get broken and they can end up hurting themselves. Same goes for pets, while you pack and move fragile items, they should be taken care of elsewhere. All of this can be stressful, including the move itself. For a stress-free move, you should hire movers Austin.
Packing fragile items- a little black dog in a packing box
Pets and children should be taken care of in the other room while you deal with packing fragile items

Right supplies are half of the job

It is not the same if you are packing clothes and fragile items. This applies to the supplies you will choose when it comes to packing. Do not use old and used packing supplies. That can definitely be the difference between your items getting to the new house safe or broken. You will need:
  • New boxes or plastic containers are great for packing fragile items
  • Packing paper
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Packing peanuts
Once you gathered all the supplies you need for packing fragile items, you are ready to start. Take all the time you need, since fragile items can be expensive as well. You don't want them to break.
Markers,stickers, scissors, duct tape
Get all the labeling supplies you need

Insurance is a great choice

Some fragile items can be really expensive, like a flat-screen TV, vase, picture frames, and antique mirrors are just some of them. So it probably is a good idea to get the insurance at your moving company. By getting the insurance you make sure that you will get a refund for the items that got broken or damaged.

Should you call for help?

You should also think about hiring a packing service if you are not sure you can pack things up yourself. This is handy since you will be sure your fragile items are in the hands of the professionals and that they are packed the right way. It is better to pay someone to pack these items than pack them yourself and end up damaging them. If you are not sure there is enough space in the moving truck, you should think about leaving some stuff behind and picking them up later. But movers usually will solve every problem as long as you tell them which of the items they are moving are fragile.

Let the packing begin

Now that you have everything you need, you may start relocating to texas. You just need the patience. It will take some time but make sure you did everything right. Some of the main rules are:
  • Use only new supplies
  • Pack the items in the original boxes if you saved them
  • One box for one item, except for plates
  • Don't go easy on the packing paper and packing peanuts
  • Put enough duct tape so the boxes stay shut
  • Label everything, including the UP side
  • Let the movers know where the fragile items are

Plates and china

These items are very fragile so it is important to pack them carefully. Take a box and put packing peanuts on the bottom. Take a plate and put it on the packing peanuts. Put packing paper on each plate and then the next plate over it. When you are done, put packing peanuts all around the plates and on top of them. Close the box and tape it nicely. When packing china, try to pack each cup individually or put a large amount of packing peanuts between each one. Moving companies have all kinds of differently sized boxes so make sure you pick the right kind of boxes.
Plates on the shelves
Plates can be tricky to pack so be careful

Electronics can be tricky when you are packing fragile items

Most of the electronic devices are fragile so you will want to pack them carefully. Moving companies usually have special boxes for packing TV sets so use them to pack your flat-screen TV. They come in different sizes and are really the best solution if you don't have the original box. This goes for the other electronic aswell. Take the suitable boxes, place the packing peanuts, then the item you are packing. Wrap it in the packing paper and put packing peanuts again. Seal the box with duct tape and label it.


The important thing to remember about packing the lamps is that you need to disassemble them before packing. The lampshade should be taken off first. Then, pack it in the original box. If you don't have the original box, use the one that is similar in size to it. Use packing peanuts and make sure you label the box.
Packing fragile items- Lamps on the table
Lamps should be disassembled before packing

Mirrors and picture frames

Use special boxes, similar to the ones used for packing flat-screen TV. Make sure boxes are ticker and use duct tape to make a large X sign on the mirror or the frame. This will keep them from breaking. Get a piece of cardboard and place it in front of the mirror or the frame. Label it right away and make sure you tell the movers that those are mirrors or frames so they can put it in the safe place in the moving truck. Moving is stressful and there is not much you can do about that. You should try to relax and have fun while doing your part. Whichever option you choose, make sure you don't get to stressed about it. Get the insurance and you will be more than fine.


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