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The main differences between Dallas and Houston

The main differences between Dallas and Houston

Texas is a nice state that has a lot to offer. It also has many interesting cities. However, there is a lot of rivalry among Texan cities. The legendary one is the everlasting rivalry between Dallas and Houston. Both cities are unique and have many qualities that attract visitors. And the new residents. As Texas movers have noticed, they are receiving an equal number of requests for moving to Dallas and Huston. Although just 240 miles apart, each one was developing differently. Let us see what are the main differences between Dallas and Houston. If you are not sure where to move, this comparison may help you. We hope that after reading, you will be able to make the best choice to suit you.

A comparison of the main differences between Dallas and Houston

Both cities are nice and could be great places for living. Huston is known for its ethnic diversity. Besides, it has a thriving job market. This means you will easily find a good job there. On the other side, Dallas is known for its Southern charm. That is also attractive to many people. Also, the Dallas schooling system is excellent. And, its job market is constantly developing. Besides, it has exceptional food diversity that many enjoy. So, deciding between Dallas and Houston could be a matter of individual preferences. In order to better understand the differences, let us compare these two cities.

A woman hand is protruding from the car and holding the white hat, heading to discover main differences between Dallas and Houston.
On the way to discover the main differences between Dallas and Houston.

Main differences between Dallas and Huston, regarding the costs of living

When choosing a new place to move to, people are usually checking the living cost. Unless they must move to a certain place for a reason. Even then, it is good to know what to expect cost-wise. Overall, costs in Dallas are 5.4% higher than in Huston. This is not a significant difference. The main factor influencing the cost difference is the median home cost. Other costs like food, utilities, transportation, and health care are similar.

The housing costs in Houston are a bit cheaper. This is because Houston has a high development of residential areas. In Dallas, the point is more on building commercial hubs. However, either you decide to move to Dallas or Huston, consider hiring the full-service movers in Dallas. They have well-trained employees and modern equipment. Sothey will provide you with the best moving services.

Comparison of the main differences between Dallas and Houston

It is a bit tricky to choose whether Dallas or Houston is better for living. They are both well-developed Texan cities. And they are both offering lot of possibilities. So, you should check the unique characteristics of each city. That way, you will see what are the differences between them. And what do you like more? Knowing that you should get a clear picture of the pros and cons. And that will help you make a choice.

Panorama of Dallas at sunset.
Dallas, on the way to become a megacity.

Main differences between living in Dallas vs. Houston

What to expect if you choose to move to Dallas?   First, Dallas consist of more than 40 communities. And each of these communities is very different. So, you will easily find the one which is best for you. In Dallas, summers are very hot. However, in Huston, besides the high heat, you have also to stand the humidity. Living in Dallas, you will also need time to get used to traffic. Regardless of fast growth, Dallas is still affordable for living. And it is a much safer city than Houston.

Main economic development and job opportunities in Dallas

Dallas has a more diverse economy. It is a city that offers a lot of job opportunities. The main economic sectors are telecommunications, technology, and defense. Dallas also has developed the gas, oil, manufacturing, aviation, and aerospace industries. Dallas is the 3rd largest IT hub in the USA. And its unemployment rate is less than the US average. You may decide this is the right place for you. If so, consider hiring long-distance movers in Fort Worth for an effortless relocation.

The main differences in entertainment activities in Dallas

Talking about entertainment activities, Dallas has a lot to offer. So, there are some places in Dallas worth visiting. Such places are:

  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
  • Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
  • Reunion Tower
  • The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures
  • Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District

Global megacity Dallas

Dallas-FW is the largest metro area in TX. And it is showing a trend of further growth. As a metro area, it is giving a lot of employment opportunities. But it is also losing its famous Southern lifestyle. Becoming a megacity, Dallas is an excellent opportunity for those looking for career advancement. As the city is progressing, it is also attracting more people. Thus it is developing more considerable cultural diversity.

Huston with high buildings seen from one of the parks.
About 15 major biotech companies are now located in Houston.

Main differences between living in Houston vs. Dallas

What to expect when deciding to live in Houston? First, the Houston area has a denser population, when compared to Dallas. And it has a greater variety of neighborhoods. This is giving you the possibility to find the neighborhood that best suits you. Also, Houston has an urban character, but it also kept the leisure charm. Huston is also well known for its cultural diversity. This is good for many, as they can easily adjust to a new place.

Houston economic development and job opportunities

Although it has a diverse economy, Houston is still dependent on the energy sector. However, there is a slowing down in oil and gas production. For that reason, Huston is turning to other industrial possibilities. Such are life science, manufacturing, and aerospace. About 15 major biotech companies are now located in Houston.

Houston main entertainment activities differences

Houston has a higher variety of restaurants, museums, parks, etc. It is also closer to the Gulf of Mexico. That is giving an opportunity to its residents to visit nice beaches more often. In case you decide to move to Houston, you will easily find entertainment. And also the opportunities for post-move relaxation.  There are many nice places in Houston to visit. Some of them are:

  • NASA’s Space Center
  • Houston’s Official City Tour
  • Houston CityPASS
  • Houston Museum of Science
  • The Cockrell Butterfly Center Admission in Houston
  • Houston Sightseeing Tour and Galveston Day Trip
  • NASA Tour, Space Center Houston

Main differences between Dallas and Houston as a factor to choose a place to live?

Here, we have shown the main differences between Dallas and Houston.  Dong so, we have also noticed some common things between them. Both cities are attractive for living. So, it is not very easy to make a decision. Even as a tourist, having the opportunity to visit one of these places, you can not make a choice easily. Both cities are having similar living costs. And a lot of affordable job opportunities. There are, as well, many interesting places to visit. Also, both cities have affordable shopping possibilities and nice restaurants. Now, you know what to expect from each of them. But, the decision will be on you. However, choosing Dallas or Houston, be sure to hire the right moving company to help you relocate.


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